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Geek Chic

10 Apr

Yes I realize I have been major neglecting my blog and I do hate myself for it but it’s been for a good reason.

For my final year project I had to come up with a group website and I decided on a website for all us Geek Chic girlies who look ultra fashionable on the outside but have a secret love for Captain Kirk on the inside.

So ya’ll should head over there as it’s the most awesome website you could ever wish too see from The 1-2-3 Girl to Antique of the Week to Does Grandma really know best?

Visit the website at –

Like us on facebook –

Follow us on twitter –!/GeekChic_1

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Oh and please COMMENT!!

In a octopus’ garden with you.

17 Mar

Today is a landmark day – it is mine and Bennys five year Anniversary!!

I should write something uber emotional about how much I love him but this isn’t the right place plus as i’ve said before i’m an unemmotional bitch.

Here are some cartoons of us that we drew each other five years back. In reality I should upload cute pictures of us throughout the years but we are simply too cool to take egotistical pictures of the both of us together.


– you will always keep me snuggly like a buggly!

Happy Birthday Daddy.

7 Mar

Happy Birthday Daddy!! – I would write something heartfelt and that but I don’t have emotions.


It’s starting to become a new trend…

28 Dec

With me apologizing for not being able to publish my usual blogs every week, my excuses this time I hear you cry? – well my dad has grounded lil ol’ until I have finished my essay so that’s no more shopping, socializing or playing on my DS (well in the daytime when he is watching) until I have written 5k words of crap that I don’t give a damn about.

Until I can get back into the world of blogging, why not go through my old posts and try to make some yummy cakes or have a go at customizing some of your clothes or simply just stare at the cute animals for about a hour.

So blogarinis, I hope y’all have a wonderful new year and i’ll see you in 2011 with more charity chic, bargionus buys and of course those all important crumbling cupcakes!

It’s that time of the month again.

22 Dec

Yes, it’s that time of the month again where I decide I want a brand new kick-ass hair colour and style.

The month before last it was all about shaving the side of my head but EVERYBODY talked me out of it. Then last month I wanted long black straight hair, but I decided against it as my hair is unruly when it comes to dying it all one colour. This month however, I NEED it to be exactly like this:

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Snow Sorry.

2 Dec


I am soooo sorry that I haven’t updated this blog since forever!

I’m trying to save the pennies for Christmas and even though I know I do only buy bargains they all soon build up and munch there way into money that I don’t have.

Plus this snow just makes me cry and I’m sat in all day watching DVD’s, drinking cups of tea and snuggling up with Gypsy rather then rooting through the charity shops.

But I promise once the snow has gone and all the presents have been bought I will be straight back to my bloggin’ my heart out.

Happy Birthday Suze!

8 Nov

Today is my BFF’s 21st Birthday! – So Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Suuzzeeeee, Happy Birthday to you!!

I Hope you have a wonderful time and get everything you want 🙂


And just because I know you love it…