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Newcastle Blonde.

1 Feb

I don’t know what I would call this style so lets go for crazymothafu***mongface. But I do love it and I am wearing all of my absolute favourite items of clothing in one hell of a mess look so it’s all good in the hood bizzatccheezzz.


Bowler hat: £5 – Stiches.
Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Jumper:£1 – Charity Shop.
Fantasy Fur Coat: £5 – Charity Shop.
Denim shorts: Cast off from Benny I believe which I cut up to micro size naturally.
Love Heart Tights: £6 – Topshop.
Studded Ankle Boots: £15 – that shop that isn’t Garage but near there.
Nude Satchel: £10 – Primark.

As you can now see in the above picture I am a blonde, have I got any dumber? – yes, that bleach must kill millions of brain cells.

Autumn/Winter wardrobe – DONE.

5 Oct

With uni starting up again this week I thought I should spend my last totally free weekend going on an absolute shopping binge. Off I popped into town with my trusty shopping list that I wrote in shorthand for some unknown reason so naturally I went into a bit of a crazed frenzy in Primark trying to read back what F and R followed by a S T F meant.

After a few minutes standing there in the middle of everybodys way I realised it meant fur stuff – i’m great with words ain’t I? I scurried off to the back of the store where all the jems are hidden in order to find some furry items to place upon my head.

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£40 down to £10 = :D.

26 Aug

So I was just mindlessly walking (yet again) through Topshop in order to get to Topman to find some cool cufflinks (in which they had none.) When I thought “oh, I will walk past the sale rail, yano  just in case anything cool and cheap is there.” I was going through the messy rails wondering out loud why Topshop are charging £15 for a tiny piece of cotton when I came across THE JEANS.

As I said in this blog, I believed the jeans didn’t live up to my expectations as they weren’t tight enough and I looked like a  bit of an emo plus the fact that I only had £17 and they were £20 meant I couldn’t of bought them anyways. However, to my excitement the jeans had been discounted from £40 to £20 to £10. So I thought I might as well try them on again and have another think. Continue reading

‘ere mate, are you Alexa Chung?

6 Aug


“Of course I’m not you silly chav.” Well I wish I had said that but instead I just ignored the tracksuit-wearing child and carried on listening and therefore pretending that I’m Roxie in Chicago.

So this is the outfit I wore to my surprise week early birthday party, which wasn’t really a surprise since I was the one who suggested it. My mam kept telling me that I should have dressed more ‘funky’ but what she thinks is funky is terribly disgusting. But perhaps I should have dressed a bit more summery considering it is erm summer and it was a party but ooh well I still loved my outfit even if it didn’t fit the occasion.

Wednesday 4th August.

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Charity Chic #2

4 Aug

While waiting for Primark to open this morning – yes I got into town that early, but only because I get the bus home from my boyfriends when he goes to work, i’m not one of those dorks who go to town early for the sake of it. So I went on a hunt around town for a bacon butty (there wasn’t any) and came across one of my favourite charity shops which was open thankfully (before you ask I am not going to tell you which one it is.)

As usual I went over to the dresses part, because last time I was in here I found a BNWT asymmetrical striped dress from Topshop for only £3.99! But to no avail there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. However, I turned around to go somewhere else or another and there was a whole rail of vintage goodies and all for normal prices! Continue reading