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Size 6 please

4 Aug

So today I had many things in which I needed to look pretty for:

A) Passport picture time, I shall be holidaying in Italy next month but don’t worry I shall try and update my blog whenever possible.

Hopefully this picture won't be embarrassing in 10 years time.

B) I met up with a friend so I had to look nice for that and better than her – that isn’t too difficult though. Ooo what a bitch I am.

C) I went over to Benny’s so I have to look nice and pretty and cute for him!

Tuesday 3rd August.

Floral dress – Primark: £13
Jeans – George@Asda: £10
Ballet slippers – Topshop: £16
Bird/Rose & Love necklaces (as above) – Primark: £1.50 each

OMG how adore that dress, it’s floral, has amazing shoulders, studded details and best of it I look skinny in it. Plus it doesn’t look as though it is from Primark – my friend thought it was a vintage buy as it does look very 50s but nop it was straight off the rail from Primarni itself. But usually if you get a dress from there EVERYBODY will have it the following week but i’ve never seen anybody in this dress – bar Kirsty from The Wright Stuff. I guess the dress is too dignified and covered up for the girls we have in Middlesbrough.

Oh and a note on my wonderful ballet-esque shoes, I found out when I was playing with my feet on the bus that they have a great big huge rip on the side *crys* and I know I like them shabby but I can’t be having bugs or anything like that getting into my shoe. So if anybody fancies buying me a birthday present for my 21st next week please buy me these shoes – size 6 please ;).