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Stylish in the snow.

6 Dec

THE SNOW can cause many a problem – for some it’s trying to shovel the car out every morning to get into uni, for others it’s being snowed in without bread and milk but for us fabulous fierce fashionistas surely our biggest snow problem is what do we wear in this crazy weather?
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A girl can never have too many…

17 Nov

No not shoes or diamonds (well I would like diamonds) but in this case its fur coats and quirky bags.

Yes bizatches I’ve done it again, I Chantal Jade Taylor-Lauper-Phoenix have managed to hunt out and buy two wonderful vintage fantasy fur coats.

The first find was a beautiful sleek black coat and whenever I wear it I like to pretend I am either A) Padfoot (aka Sirius Black as a dog) or B) Moony (aka Professor Lupin as a werewolf) – either way I am a canine from Harry Potter. Continue reading