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Hat full of stars.

14 Dec

Oh, I really hate this snow now! No not because of the cold or the fact that I’ve slipped over about 10 times but because I have had to wear the same shoes every day with all of my outfits!!

As far as wellies these are a-okay but big black rubber boots simply don’t look good with a micro mini skirt but they are a necessity in this crazy-ass weathers so I’m going to have to put-up and shut-up.


Bowler hat: Stiches (fancy dress shop) – £5
Tweed blazer: Charity shop – £4
Camel blouse: Charity shop – £1
Black bodycon skirt: H&M – £7.99
Wooly tights: Primark – £2
Wellington boots: Primark – £10

I feel like a proper englishman in my tweed blazer and bowler hat – “Good afternoon to you Sir.”

The power of love.

21 Aug

Note: Do not wear a body-con skirt when going for a XL curry.

Thursday 19th August.


Leather Jacket: Topshop – £30
Back to the future t-shirt: Topshop – £9
Black bodycon skirt: H&m – £7.99
Floral tights: Italy – free as they were a present or they might be from Primark IDK.
Black Brogues: Primark – £8
Satchel: Primark – £6

Just putting it out there, I bought the Back to the future t-shirt as I LOVE that film and yes when I see girls in the t-shirt I do want to walk up to them and ask if they have ever seen the film, I’m guessing the majority of the answers would be “no” – same with girls who wear Rolling Stones/Led Zep tops and never have heard even one song by them. GRRRRR.

BTW every girl should have a black body-con skirt in their wardrobe – they are both a necessity and a marvel, they go with everything and hug you in all the right places to show off your sexy figure (well if you are a size 12 or under – don’t bother with such a skirt if you are over a size 12, thank you).

p.s: how ferosh does my hair look?