hughhefner @Chantal_Jade Happy birthday, Chantal.

15 Aug

As I said in my birthday list blog one of the gifts that I wanted above all others was to have some Happy Birthday tweets of a few famous people. I tweeted everybody on my followers list (well the famous ones, I didn’t ask my old teacher for example) asking them to wish me a Happy Birthday as it was my 21st and I was only expecting about 3 tweets but by the end of the day I had received a grand total of 27! Mostly wrestlers – some a lot more famous then others but they all mean something special to me.

But the most famous of them all was of course Hugh Hefner! OMG HUGH HEFNER WISHED ME, CHANTAL TAYLOR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is like one of the most famous men on the whole planet and my mam and I watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion religiously, so when I checked twitter on my iPod and clicked onto mentions and saw that he tweeted me I gasped with excitement!! – I couldn’t scream as Bianca was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake her up, but I couldn’t believe it at all!

Enough with Hugh Hefner excitement (maybe he will invite me to the mansion) and onto all the other amazing tweets and messeges I received on August 12th 2010 aka my 21st Birthday.

Victoria aka Tara.

Tyler Reks.

Donald Trump Jr. – I should of asked him for some money.

Traci Brooks.

Todd Grisham – he is now my favourite member of WWE staff.

Titus O’Neil – who is now following me, how cool?

Taylor Wilde – Taylor freakin’ Wilde! – I love her soo much, I think we should ttly be BFF’s now!



Paul Bearer.

ODB – oh, how I miss her :(.

Jessica Fox aka Nancy from Hollyoaks.

Lillian Garcia.

Lauren – oh how my dad and I used to love her interviewing skills on TNA, she is far better then Christy.

Katie Lea Burchill.

Max Buck – one half of Generation Me.

Jeremy Buck – the other half of Generation Me.

Jay Lethal – he is so lovely.

Tommy Dreamer! – this is the 2nd time he has DM’d me, he should ttly be my dad.

DJ Gabriel.

Christopher Daniels.

Daffney – *SCREAM*

Carlito – now that’s cool.

Brutus Magnus aka Oblivion.

Bridget aka Hef’s ex girlfriend who my whole family love – both my mam and dad were really excited for me when she tweeted me.

Al Snow – I hope head wished me Happy Birthday too.

I might pretend it’s my birthday every day.

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