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Stitch like a bitch.

26 Aug

In todays customization tutorial I will show you how to turn an old, boring and tired denim jacket…

…into an amazing one-of-a-kind, patches-a-plenty, fringe-flyin’ gillet…

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Charity Chic #3

22 Aug

As I said before every Friday afternoon I wonder around in Stockton town doing well, nothing. I will go to Boyes and buy some material for something or another, look into the window of McDonalds wishing I hadn’t of already eaten so I could get a large McChicken sandwich meal and if I’m daring enough I’ll walk down that place near Chips where I always get lost.

So the past Friday after doing all of the above I went for a walk around the charity shops, just out of habit tbh seeing as I have bought everything that is decent all ready. But oh boy, was I in for a surprise when I wondered into the first shop on the high street… Continue reading

Reap what you sew.

7 Aug

In this mini tutorial I will show you how to turn a boring old pair of had-their-day jeans…

Into the most fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans you could ever wish to see…

For a mere £1.20 and an old pair of jeans…

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