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eBay buys.

12 Mar

Long time no blog! Sorry about the hiatus but i’ve been busy eating Pizza Hut, sleeping and watching Crufts but now I’m back and I’ve got helluva lot of stuff to blog about.

I’ve been a bit lazy as of late and instead of going around town looking for what I wanted I went to the worlds biggest auction website that is eBay.

I will admit it, I am a bit TOO addicted and often spend the last 10 minutes before I drift off too sleepy land looking for anything to do with my favourite wrestlers, as evident in this picture:

I soon gave up on trying to find Beth Phoenix’s ring worn attire after trying for 3 weeks non-stop and instead I started to search for a pair of leather pants. Continue reading

A Vintage Goldmine.

26 Sep

While in Italy, my dad and I were simply riding along on our bikes on the way to the beach so I could  get to my daily routine of topping up my tan so I no longer resembled Sheamus, reading Bret Harts autobiography (easily 5*’s) and telling people who came round trying to sell stuff to get away.

We had to bike down the market streets as I’m prone to getting ran over on roads that have cars and oh boy i’m sure glad I did. There I was cycling around with my cute little basket carrying a bouquet of flowers when I spied the dress of my dreams. Continue reading