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14 Dec


I want a hedgehog to take in the bath with me, I wouldn’t even care if it spiked me because I could just lay there in the bubbles going aawwwww.


17 Nov

Now, this is a very strange Daily Dose of Cute – it isn’t fluffy, small nor even an animal but is in fact a flower!

The orchid tricks male bee’s into pretending it is a female bee then i’m guesing proceeds to eat it or something brutal like that but nonetheless its very very cute! – plus the less bee’s in the world the better (i’m not fond of honey or being stung.)


23 Oct

Get Cape…

Wear Cape...




26 Aug

Awww! I don’t even know what this is but I know I want one in my cute animal zoo.


21 Aug

Now, y’all know I love both cute animals and fashion so when I came across this picture of a cat with a Top Hat shaped patch I squealed with delight!

How debonair.


7 Aug

OMG! 3 things I love – Star Trek, William Shatner and tiny scruffy dogs (the dog Sulu is holiding, not George Takei) *sqqueeeeel.*


28 Jul

Now, normally I hate anything that lives in water (my biggest fear is fish) – yes I even hate dolphins. But this little tiny cute frog is absolutely adroable! aaw.

Here is a strange little story about a toad. The first time I ever went round my boyfriends house (about 4 1/2 years ago) we walked outside to go to the bus stop so I could go home and we looked around and there was this big fat toad who looked like Dolores Umbridge just sat there ribbiting away – it was quite weird.