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Barginous buys aplenty.

16 Jan


My 5000 word essay on whether ‘the fashion blogopshere has taken over from the established fashion magazines’ has now been handed in so now I’m back to my usual bloggin-ness. YEY!

So yesterday off I popped to Primark for the first time since Christmas Eve!! – I know right, whats that all about? – and because I had left it for eternity and a day my favourite shop had plenty of cheap buys that I HAD to have, rather then having nothing like it usually has when I go in every day.

One thing I had noticed about Primark though is the fact that all their clothes have gone mega downhill ATM, there wasn’t anything clothes-wise that I liked let alone wanted. Perhaps, it’s the lull of post-Christmas fashion and that their Spring/Summer collections haven’t came through yet but really who the hell would wear a polyester khaki pair of flares? SORT IT OUT! Continue reading

Ciao, Ciao.

26 Sep

Hello blogerinis, have you missed me? I have missed you all heaps!

I have been in Italy for the last two weeks (and for the other two weeks i’ve been extremely busy – I apologize) but hey biatches forget all about what you think of Italy and fashion – what they think is OTM is actually incredibly 90s (and not the good 90s ala Clarrisa explains it all) it’s all sickingly shiny puffa jackets and pedal pushers alplenty.

However, as per usual yours truly raked through the rails upon rails of tops that wouldn’t look out of place in Tammy circa 2003 and managed to pick up a few classic items that can live in my wardrobe forever. Continue reading