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A Harry Halloween.

1 Nov

Why is it that on Halloween girls suddenly throw all their dignity out of the window and wear the most sluttiest of ‘costumes’ – no matter if they are a curvy size 10 or a obese size 20. It totally boggles my mind – the same girls will slag off everyone on Snog, Marry, Avoid throughout the year but then on the 31st of October they are even worse.

Anyways rant OVER, I hope everyone had a great Halloween – I had loads of fun trick n treating with my BFF and her family – it was really lovely plus I got to eat hotdogs (not octopus :-P) and loads of sweets!

I decided to dress as Harry(iet) Potter – complete with Hedwig and a Nimbus 2000.

Scar: free – eyliner special from my make-up bag.
Glasses: £1 -Primark.
Scarf: free – found it in my house.
Gryffindor Tie: £2.99 – eBay.
White Shirt: £2 – George@Asda (courtesy of Suze)
Gryffindor Robe: £10 – Charity shop – BEST BUY EVER!
Grey Skirt: £1 – Charity Shop.
Brogues: £8 – Primark.
Satchel: £6 – Primark.
Hedwig: free – Burger King kids meal.
Wand: free – Cara broke off a bit off bamboo for me from SU.
Nimbus 2000: free – Liesey borrowed me it.

I should totally be studying Care of Magical Creatures Hogwarts and not Journalism at Teesside University.


Sorry Suzanne.

23 Oct

Both a song by The Hollies and a note of apology to my BFF Suze for not updating my blog in a long, looong time.

Ever since i’ve been back at Uni, I just haven’t had time to go shopping or do anything blog-worthy at all! – what with the lessons (even if I am only there 8 hours a week), having a social life again and then with the time I do have off all I want to do is sleeeeep.

But now i’ve decided that wanting to have a few zzzzzz’s shouldn’t be a reason to not shop! I haven’t stepped into a charity shop since forever and because of this i’ve actually been dreaming off them!

I’m off to one of my favorite charity shop destinations and a car booty this week so I will hunt high and low for some extra special barginous items and bring you ever so wonderful loyal readers the best of the best they have to offer.

Plus, because it’s National Baking Week I will be baking some extra delicious yummy food to set your mouthwatering/laugh at.

So as my first ever crush Scar would say: “Be Prepared!” – for plenty of capes (hopefully), cuteness and cakes.

hughhefner @Chantal_Jade Happy birthday, Chantal.

15 Aug

As I said in my birthday list blog one of the gifts that I wanted above all others was to have some Happy Birthday tweets of a few famous people. I tweeted everybody on my followers list (well the famous ones, I didn’t ask my old teacher for example) asking them to wish me a Happy Birthday as it was my 21st and I was only expecting about 3 tweets but by the end of the day I had received a grand total of 27! Mostly wrestlers – some a lot more famous then others but they all mean something special to me.

But the most famous of them all was of course Hugh Hefner! OMG HUGH HEFNER WISHED ME, CHANTAL TAYLOR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is like one of the most famous men on the whole planet and my mam and I watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion religiously, so when I checked twitter on my iPod and clicked onto mentions and saw that he tweeted me I gasped with excitement!! – I couldn’t scream as Bianca was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake her up, but I couldn’t believe it at all!

Enough with Hugh Hefner excitement (maybe he will invite me to the mansion) and onto all the other amazing tweets and messeges I received on August 12th 2010 aka my 21st Birthday.

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The birthday list – updated.

15 Aug

It has now been 3 days since I turned 21 – I still have the mind of a 12-year-old though, one of those nice, innocent ones btw not one of those alcohol filled ASBO ones – so I thought I better do an update on my birthday list. What I got, what I didn’t get and the most amazing surprises of all time ever! – which I will come onto later. Continue reading

The birthday list

10 Aug

This Thursday I shall finally reach the grand ol’ age of 21. Not sure why 21 is such a milestone age since everything is legal at 18 (not that I do anything that became legal at that age) perhaps it’s just the UK bumming of the USA again where the age 21 actually stands for something. Oh, you do get a key, but I don’t particularly need a key.

Anyways, whilst at the hairdressers yesterday, (more on that later) I came up with my ideal list of birthday gifts and they range in everything from well, check it out yourself…

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Beyond the moon, beyond the rain

7 Aug

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really a fan of music. Looking through the top 40 I only know three of the songs, that’s how square and uncurrent I am when it comes to music. Whenever those adverts for summer of R ‘n’ B or similar tittles I just want to scream at how awful the music is.

However, I do actually listen to music but it mainly ranges from musicals to Tom Jones with a bit of 80’s and Katy Perry thrown in there.

So I thought that I would share with you lovely lot my top 5 favorite songs of all time ever! – well, at this moment in time.

My favourite song of all time and has been since I was basically born since The Wizard of Oz was the first film I ever watched and it has stuck by me ever since. Somewhere over the rainbow – Judy Garland.

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My style heroines

2 Aug

Ever since I was little I always dressed a bit out of the norm. As a child my parents dressed me in leather skirts, oversized gaudy jumpers and jazzy waistcoats – actually I currently have all of them items in my wardrobe.

I soo would wear that outfit now.

So looking back on myself at the tender age of 3 I guess I am my own style heroine. Ain’t I a cutie?

Other then little ol’ (or should that be young) me, my biggest style heroine as you can guess by the name of this blog is *drumroll please* Cyndi Lauper!!! Continue reading