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eBay buys.

12 Mar

Long time no blog! Sorry about the hiatus but i’ve been busy eating Pizza Hut, sleeping and watching Crufts but now I’m back and I’ve got helluva lot of stuff to blog about.

I’ve been a bit lazy as of late and instead of going around town looking for what I wanted I went to the worlds biggest auction website that is eBay.

I will admit it, I am a bit TOO addicted and often spend the last 10 minutes before I drift off too sleepy land looking for anything to do with my favourite wrestlers, as evident in this picture:

I soon gave up on trying to find Beth Phoenix’s ring worn attire after trying for 3 weeks non-stop and instead I started to search for a pair of leather pants. Continue reading


9 Mar

I walked through the door after an uber long day at University today to find my dad dressed up to the nines as a rhinestone cowboy…


Teddy Boy Jacket: 112759 Italian lira (about £50) – Designer shop in Italy back in the day.
Cowboy Shirt: £5 – eBay.
Jeans: £4 – Primark.
Black Cowboy Boots: £9 – Camden Market.
Cowboy boot bolo tie & Eagle belt: borrowed from a mate who is a country and western performer.

I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning and find a saddled up horse in my back yard.

Fringe Festival.

1 Oct

That day has finally came , no not the day where I bump in to Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Beth Phoenix in Primark and we all go eat cupcakes and stroke dogs but the day where I have FINALLY found the most wonderfulest suede fierce fringe-aplenty jacket of all time ever!!


Ohh yeah, dig it yeah!

While in Italy I came across a quaint albeit very expensive vintage shop and they were selling a few fringetastic jackets, I tried on one which was perfect for me but with the 70 euro price tag there was no way I could afford it – not even with the skit my dad and I performed (it was great.) I came home detemined to buy one if it was the last thing I did and after eons of looking through millions of pages on eBay I finally came across this and automatically fell in love. I entered my bid of £6.01 (that 1p does make a difference) and 2 days, 17 hours and 6 minutes later IT WAS MINE!

The only downside – it weighs more then little ol’ me so it kind of pulls me down to the ground but being the classically trained ballerina that I am I have good posture and will suffer through the pain because fashion trumps pain when is beauty at stake.


26 Sep

First off I will apoligise for the stupid, vacant expression and pose in the picture below – just focus on the outfit please.

Saturday 25th September.


Undertaker jumper: eBay – £3.01
Acid wash denim skirt: Primark – £6
Grey woolen tights: Primark – £2
Leopard skin ankle boots: Barretts – £10

Oh, isn’t my ‘Taker jumper just the absolute best btw? – I may not be his biggest fan but when I seen it while having my daily scan through WWE items on eBay I knew that I needed it in my wardrobe asap.

Ahhh grey woolen tights, what would I do without thee? – they are my life saviour, now that it’s starting to get extremely cold again I must go out and buy millions of them in every colour under the rainbow.

p.s: how cute does little Gypsy-Lady look asleep on the sofa behind me. Awwwwwww.

It was acceptable in the 80s – and still is now.

14 Aug

First off, I want to say thank you to my wonderful boyfriend who made my amazing new banner for ‘Daily Fashion’ – I LOVE IT! Thank you Benny :D.

Sorry, about the lack of blog updates recently, it’s been my birthday so I have been ultra busy the last few days but now I will get back on track so don’t worry.

Todays outfit is brought to you by the letter N (for Newcastle as that’s where I went) and the number 1986 (the year I’m channeling.)

Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Floral Scarf: Stolen from my mam who got it as a Christmas present – M&S.
Black T: I’m guessing it’s from Primark so probs about £2.
White pleather jacket: £9.99 – eBay.
Crocodile skin-esque satchel: £13.45 – Faith (in debenhams)
Fringe Jeans: Fringe: £1.20 – Boyes. Jeans: £28 – Topshop. Sew them together as seen in this blog and you yourself can get a fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans.
Ankle boots (which I LOVE & I can’t wait for winter so I can wear them more often): Studio – £22.

Oh BTW how amazing does my hair look in this picture. I recently got it dyed more of a ginger colour and now I feel like a female version of Ron Weasley: ginger, poor, dumb and I like to say the word bloody a lot – yes it’s a good thing.

Mom jeans

7 Aug

First off I shall apologize for my horrendous roots (I can’t afford a full head colour atm) and pained expression (it was sunny) in the following picture.

Friday 7th August.

Mrs T necklace: £2.50 – Primark
Clock necklace (which I personally brought into fashion): £2 – Redcar car booty
Stripy naval top: free – my mam’s wardrobe
High waisted jeans: £4.50ish – Ebay
Nude lace-up sandals: £8 – Primark (I don’t even like them though!)
‘Paul’s Boutique’ bag: £25 –  Bank [aka market stall]

Oh, how I adore my [mom jeans] high waisted jeans but oh they are extremely annoying and hurty. I had to buy a size 6 as my waist is impossibly tiny but my hips were made for birthing. So the ability to breathe and be comfortable in these jeans from the waist down is near much impossible! But I do love wearing them so I can live with the pain while walking around in public, but as soon as I get somewhere private its off with her head the jeans and straight into my sweat pants I go.