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Too-wit Too-woo

1 Aug

So the other day when I was in town mindlessly wandering around waiting for 9.40 so I could go pick up my glasses from the opticians I saw Debenhams and I thought oh I miseawell go in and see if they have anything good downstairs (the downstairs being the cool clothes part.)


At first I walked over to the H for Henry Holland part as there was a sale and I wanted to see if the varsity jacket (all I want in life is a varsity jacket but it is impossible!) that I have been longing for was in the sale and it was! I seen it from a few metres away and got all excited only to find out that it was a size 16!! BOOOO. All the clothes in the sale were BOGOF and I spotted some jeans that I’ve wanted for a while so picked them up immediately and a cute mesh dress that I thought “oh this can be the free one.” I needed to try the jeans on as I’m only short and didn’t want to buy jeans that were too long in the leg – plus they had patches on my knees and I didn’t want the patches to appear on my ankles. But to my dismay there were no changing rooms open or any assistants that I could go “oi, bitch open the changing rooms for me.” So with a heavy heart I put the clothes back on the sale rail. Continue reading

Cute? me? – yes even my jewelry says so

21 Jul

So this outfit originally started off with a simple black patent pair of ballet slippers and a cute hairband but then all of a sudden a storm came a’brewin so I had to change it all up! – stupid weather.

However, in retrospect I think the hunting hat makes a great addition to this outfit and the boots are rain-proof so they helped with the million puddles.

Tuesday 20th July.

Hat – Primark: £1 (in sale.)
Eiffel Tower T-shirt – New Look: £6.
Denim Skirt – Primark: £6.
Tights – Primark: £2.
Grey Leg Warmers – Years ago from my dancing days: I probs stole them off somebody in the changing rooms.
Military-esque Boots – Christmas present from TOH.
Duffle Bag (which is unduffled in the pic) – Miss Selfridge: £15 (in sale.)

So yes girls its true! You can dress H2T in all high street clothes yet look different from everybody else – it’s not hard – you just need to look beyond everything else in the shop as well as in your wardrobe.