It’s starting to become a new trend…

28 Dec

With me apologizing for not being able to publish my usual blogs every week, my excuses this time I hear you cry? – well my dad has grounded lil ol’ until I have finished my essay so that’s no more shopping, socializing or playing on my DS (well in the daytime when he is watching) until I have written 5k words of crap that I don’t give a damn about.

Until I can get back into the world of blogging, why not go through my old posts and try to make some yummy cakes or have a go at customizing some of your clothes or simply just stare at the cute animals for about a hour.

So blogarinis, I hope y’all have a wonderful new year and i’ll see you in 2011 with more charity chic, bargionus buys and of course those all important crumbling cupcakes!


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