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hughhefner @Chantal_Jade Happy birthday, Chantal.

15 Aug

As I said in my birthday list blog one of the gifts that I wanted above all others was to have some Happy Birthday tweets of a few famous people. I tweeted everybody on my followers list (well the famous ones, I didn’t ask my old teacher for example) asking them to wish me a Happy Birthday as it was my 21st and I was only expecting about 3 tweets but by the end of the day I had received a grand total of 27! Mostly wrestlers – some a lot more famous then others but they all mean something special to me.

But the most famous of them all was of course Hugh Hefner! OMG HUGH HEFNER WISHED ME, CHANTAL TAYLOR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is like one of the most famous men on the whole planet and my mam and I watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion religiously, so when I checked twitter on my iPod and clicked onto mentions and saw that he tweeted me I gasped with excitement!! – I couldn’t scream as Bianca was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake her up, but I couldn’t believe it at all!

Enough with Hugh Hefner excitement (maybe he will invite me to the mansion) and onto all the other amazing tweets and messeges I received on August 12th 2010 aka my 21st Birthday.

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The birthday list – updated.

15 Aug

It has now been 3 days since I turned 21 – I still have the mind of a 12-year-old though, one of those nice, innocent ones btw not one of those alcohol filled ASBO ones – so I thought I better do an update on my birthday list. What I got, what I didn’t get and the most amazing surprises of all time ever! – which I will come onto later. Continue reading

It was acceptable in the 80s – and still is now.

14 Aug

First off, I want to say thank you to my wonderful boyfriend who made my amazing new banner for ‘Daily Fashion’ – I LOVE IT! Thank you Benny :D.

Sorry, about the lack of blog updates recently, it’s been my birthday so I have been ultra busy the last few days but now I will get back on track so don’t worry.

Todays outfit is brought to you by the letter N (for Newcastle as that’s where I went) and the number 1986 (the year I’m channeling.)

Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Floral Scarf: Stolen from my mam who got it as a Christmas present – M&S.
Black T: I’m guessing it’s from Primark so probs about £2.
White pleather jacket: £9.99 – eBay.
Crocodile skin-esque satchel: £13.45 – Faith (in debenhams)
Fringe Jeans: Fringe: £1.20 – Boyes. Jeans: £28 – Topshop. Sew them together as seen in this blog and you yourself can get a fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans.
Ankle boots (which I LOVE & I can’t wait for winter so I can wear them more often): Studio – £22.

Oh BTW how amazing does my hair look in this picture. I recently got it dyed more of a ginger colour and now I feel like a female version of Ron Weasley: ginger, poor, dumb and I like to say the word bloody a lot – yes it’s a good thing.

The birthday list

10 Aug

This Thursday I shall finally reach the grand ol’ age of 21. Not sure why 21 is such a milestone age since everything is legal at 18 (not that I do anything that became legal at that age) perhaps it’s just the UK bumming of the USA again where the age 21 actually stands for something. Oh, you do get a key, but I don’t particularly need a key.

Anyways, whilst at the hairdressers yesterday, (more on that later) I came up with my ideal list of birthday gifts and they range in everything from well, check it out yourself…

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My style heroines

2 Aug

Ever since I was little I always dressed a bit out of the norm. As a child my parents dressed me in leather skirts, oversized gaudy jumpers and jazzy waistcoats – actually I currently have all of them items in my wardrobe.

I soo would wear that outfit now.

So looking back on myself at the tender age of 3 I guess I am my own style heroine. Ain’t I a cutie?

Other then little ol’ (or should that be young) me, my biggest style heroine as you can guess by the name of this blog is *drumroll please* Cyndi Lauper!!! Continue reading

Seaside times…

26 Jul

Howdy, so today I went to the seaside and because its Redcar I never know how the weather is going to turn out, one minute it’s glorious and the next it’s a torrential storm. Thus, making me wear a completely irrelevant outfit, but hell to it I found this outfit cute and I love it so I went with it. Plus the local newspaper came round to take a picture of me for a little column about books so I needed to look like a little stylish geek and I think I pulled it off really well, do you agree?

Monday 26th July.

Lace dress (worn as top) – Internationale (yak, i know right?): £18
Gingham skirt (I LOVE gingham as I like to pretend I am Dorathy from the Wizard of Oz) – Matalan: £12
Love heart tights – Topshop: £6 (yikes! i know but i wear tights basically every day so i’m willing to spend a bit.)
Brown brogues – Primark: £8
Geeky glasses – Primark: £1 (bargain or what!)
Bracelets etc (as seen at the top) – Union Jack&Love bangles – Primark: £2.50 each, Faux pearl bracelets – accumulated them over the years, Gold watch – George@Asda: £8.

Now as you can see in the pic I have taken off two of the broaches that I previously had on my satchel. Reasons? well because I bent the pin of the Diva one so fucking bad it basically kept threatening me too fall off in the middle of the street so I was constantly worried and thought grr it’s going to have to go so bye bye Diva broach – I shall always remember you. With the other badge because it was really old and once belonged to my nona (my italian grandma) I didn’t want to loose it and feel guilty for the rest of my life so that’s why I had to remove it.

Even though there is just one simple red love heart on my satchel I still love it and it’s not leaving my side – well until I go back to uni as then I need HUGE bag to basically fit my life in.

One last note – why are ice creams at the seaside so fricken expensive nowadays?! for sprinkles it costs 25p extra! eeeeeeee – good job my BFF works in the leading ice cream shop and can give me discount.

Cute? me? – yes even my jewelry says so

21 Jul

So this outfit originally started off with a simple black patent pair of ballet slippers and a cute hairband but then all of a sudden a storm came a’brewin so I had to change it all up! – stupid weather.

However, in retrospect I think the hunting hat makes a great addition to this outfit and the boots are rain-proof so they helped with the million puddles.

Tuesday 20th July.

Hat – Primark: £1 (in sale.)
Eiffel Tower T-shirt – New Look: £6.
Denim Skirt – Primark: £6.
Tights – Primark: £2.
Grey Leg Warmers – Years ago from my dancing days: I probs stole them off somebody in the changing rooms.
Military-esque Boots – Christmas present from TOH.
Duffle Bag (which is unduffled in the pic) – Miss Selfridge: £15 (in sale.)

So yes girls its true! You can dress H2T in all high street clothes yet look different from everybody else – it’s not hard – you just need to look beyond everything else in the shop as well as in your wardrobe.

Fashionista ways…

19 Jul

I would describe my fashion style as well I don’t think it exactly has a name. If the term ‘indie’ was actually used as it should be I would describe myself as that i.e: independent. But unfortunately all those indie little bitches and bitch boys that you see about are all the exact same.

Whereas myself I am my own little person in a huge big world, I wear whatever I want to wear and normally when I think something matches and looks good in most cases people think otherwise. But hey, I don’t care as long as I don’t look like the every other person on the street I’m happy. Continue reading

Bonjour, Ciao & Hello…

19 Jul

Hello there and welcome to what will soon be known as the most fantastical and fierce blog on the interwebz.

Within my own little space I shall bring all sorts of everything including anything to do with my style – what I wear, what I buy and what I want, recipes on how to bake yummy scrummy cakes, countless pictures on anything I find cute and everything far and in between.

Of course there is a dark side of me and I will be writing about anything that angers me and I’m a gooood little bitch so prepare yourself to be outraged. Continue reading