The birthday list

10 Aug

This Thursday I shall finally reach the grand ol’ age of 21. Not sure why 21 is such a milestone age since everything is legal at 18 (not that I do anything that became legal at that age) perhaps it’s just the UK bumming of the USA again where the age 21 actually stands for something. Oh, you do get a key, but I don’t particularly need a key.

Anyways, whilst at the hairdressers yesterday, (more on that later) I came up with my ideal list of birthday gifts and they range in everything from well, check it out yourself…

So I was mindlessly on eBay just typing in random wrestlers name for the fun of it and I came across this!…

Yes! a Ric Flair robe signed by the stylin’ and profilin’ man himself! All for a mere £156.65, if I managed to get this within my claws I would wear it to every occasion I possibly could – although I would wear more then a pair of trunks underneath.

Keeping on the same subject of wrestling, another present that I want for my up and coming celebrations is this months issue of the WWE Magazine. It has the most delicious picture of Drew McIntyre that I NEED to stick up on my wall.


My third item on my birthday wish list is a Blackberry

Which my amazing boyfriend has bought for me so YEY!

Now, these are more of a NEED then a want. Ever since spying them in Faith but them being impossibly big and then spotting a similar pair in Primark but then naturally, they were impossibly big again *sigh* I gave up on the idea of owning a new pair of nude brogues.

But fortunately, I am off to Newcastle on Wednesday with the BFF’s so hopefully their Primark (which is bigger and a million times better then the Middlesbrough store) will have these delicious shoes in stock.

As per usual, Middlesbrough and Stockton have failed me when it comes to clothes that I want. These pink and spotted jeans are in the sale on the Topshop website for only £20 each and I have wanted them for aaaaaggeeesss but could never bring myself round to spend £40 on one pair.

So hopefully the 3 floored Topshop in Newcastle town will have these. Please God let these wonderful jeans be there!

Next up, is the same birthday present that i’ve wanted for every birthday since I was born – A cute dog! For my 8th birthday I got my wonderful dog called Gobbolino who was and still is the best dog ever! And this year, even though I have Gypsy-Lady, she hates me and never just wants to be cuddled or stroked – well not by me, she’s all for cuddles and strokes when Benny comes round. So in an ideal world where Gypsy would actually get on with another dog rather then kill it I would love a cute puppy for my birthday.

I want this one! aaawww

The last present I wish to receive this Thursday is free but it is probably going to be the hardest one to get. As soon at the clock chimes 12 I shall be on Twitter telling every single wrestler from Matt Morgan to Maria that is is my 21st Birthday and can I get a Happy Birthday shout out from them. Hopefully by the end of the day at least one of the over 100 people I will contact will wish me a Happy Birthday – disgutingly sad, me? surely not.

Please wish my a Happy Birthday Beth! - then I can die a happy woman.

Hopefully when I awake on August 12th at least 3 of the above gifts will be wrapped up ready for me to open and be over-excited about.

* BTW I am not expecting the dog or the Ric Flair robe – they are just pipe dreams.

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