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Charity Chic extraordinaire – Part 1.

4 Nov

Oh boy, what an absolutely brilliant Charity Chic time i’ve had this week.

It all started with my seasonly trip to Darlington with the BFF’s, I was hoping that the Oxfam where I bought my fantasy fur coat last year would be stocked up with them seeing as its coming in to the Winter but to my dismay¬†there were only rails of ratty pleather jackets.¬†Perhaps on our next trip when it’s closer to Christmas they will – WELL THEY BETTER DO! – or Oxfam will have me to answer too, and when I get angry, I am worse than The Hulk (as in the Marvel character not Hogan.)

Anyways, the less said about my anger issues the better. So we waltzed through the bjillions of charity shops Darlington has to offer (almost as many as Stockton if you dare believe it) looking for a few choice items we needed/wanted. Continue reading

‘ere mate, are you Alexa Chung?

6 Aug


“Of course I’m not you silly chav.” Well I wish I had said that but instead I just ignored the tracksuit-wearing child and carried on listening and therefore pretending that I’m Roxie in Chicago.

So this is the outfit I wore to my surprise week early birthday party, which wasn’t really a surprise since I was the one who suggested it. My mam kept telling me that I should have dressed more ‘funky’ but what she thinks is funky is terribly disgusting. But perhaps I should have dressed a bit more summery considering it is erm summer and it was a party but ooh well I still loved my outfit even if it didn’t fit the occasion.

Wednesday 4th August.

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