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Fringe Festival.

1 Oct

That day has finally came , no not the day where I bump in to Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Beth Phoenix in Primark and we all go eat cupcakes and stroke dogs but the day where I have FINALLY found the most wonderfulest suede fierce fringe-aplenty jacket of all time ever!!


Ohh yeah, dig it yeah!

While in Italy I came across a quaint albeit very expensive vintage shop and they were selling a few fringetastic jackets, I tried on one which was perfect for me but with the 70 euro price tag there was no way I could afford it – not even with the skit my dad and I performed (it was great.) I came home detemined to buy one if it was the last thing I did and after eons of looking through millions of pages on eBay I finally came across this and automatically fell in love. I entered my bid of £6.01 (that 1p does make a difference) and 2 days, 17 hours and 6 minutes later IT WAS MINE!

The only downside – it weighs more then little ol’ me so it kind of pulls me down to the ground but being the classically trained ballerina that I am I have good posture and will suffer through the pain because fashion trumps pain when is beauty at stake.

Reap what you sew.

7 Aug

In this mini tutorial I will show you how to turn a boring old pair of had-their-day jeans…

Into the most fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans you could ever wish to see…

For a mere £1.20 and an old pair of jeans…

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