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Stylish in the snow.

6 Dec

THE SNOW can cause many a problem – for some it’s trying to shovel the car out every morning to get into uni, for others it’s being snowed in without bread and milk but for us fabulous fierce fashionistas surely our biggest snow problem is what do we wear in this crazy weather?
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Snow Sorry.

2 Dec


I am soooo sorry that I haven’t updated this blog since forever!

I’m trying to save the pennies for Christmas and even though I know I do only buy bargains they all soon build up and munch there way into money that I don’t have.

Plus this snow just makes me cry and I’m sat in all day watching DVD’s, drinking cups of tea and snuggling up with Gypsy rather then rooting through the charity shops.

But I promise once the snow has gone and all the presents have been bought I will be straight back to my bloggin’ my heart out.