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Seaside times…

26 Jul

Howdy, so today I went to the seaside and because its Redcar I never know how the weather is going to turn out, one minute it’s glorious and the next it’s a torrential storm. Thus, making me wear a completely irrelevant outfit, but hell to it I found this outfit cute and I love it so I went with it. Plus the local newspaper came round to take a picture of me for a little column about books so I needed to look like a little stylish geek and I think I pulled it off really well, do you agree?

Monday 26th July.

Lace dress (worn as top) – Internationale (yak, i know right?): £18
Gingham skirt (I LOVE gingham as I like to pretend I am Dorathy from the Wizard of Oz) – Matalan: £12
Love heart tights – Topshop: £6 (yikes! i know but i wear tights basically every day so i’m willing to spend a bit.)
Brown brogues – Primark: £8
Geeky glasses – Primark: £1 (bargain or what!)
Bracelets etc (as seen at the top) – Union Jack&Love bangles – Primark: £2.50 each, Faux pearl bracelets – accumulated them over the years, Gold watch – George@Asda: £8.

Now as you can see in the pic I have taken off two of the broaches that I previously had on my satchel. Reasons? well because I bent the pin of the Diva one so fucking bad it basically kept threatening me too fall off in the middle of the street so I was constantly worried and thought grr it’s going to have to go so bye bye Diva broach – I shall always remember you. With the other badge because it was really old and once belonged to my nona (my italian grandma) I didn’t want to loose it and feel guilty for the rest of my life so that’s why I had to remove it.

Even though there is just one simple red love heart on my satchel I still love it and it’s not leaving my side – well until I go back to uni as then I need HUGE bag to basically fit my life in.

One last note – why are ice creams at the seaside so fricken expensive nowadays?! for sprinkles it costs 25p extra! eeeeeeee – good job my BFF works in the leading ice cream shop and can give me discount.

First position

21 Jul

Wednesday 21st July.

Soooo the weather out there is stormy, boiling, rainy and sunny. Well lets say its ever-changing and ever-changing weather = mega confusion on what to wear.

At the time I left the house it was freezing cold but by the time I got into town it was mega hot and I was sweating like a piggy :(.

Thus leaving me wearing a massive wooly jumper on a hot summers day…

Geek glasses – New Look: £6
Sheep patterned wooly jumper – Charity shop: £2.95
Gaudy blinging chav necklace – Primark: £2.50
Jeans – River Island: £35 (I know! – but jeans are jeans you can’t wear cheap ones)
Brogues – Primark: £8
BIG smile – Priceless!

Even though the geek glasses trend is now over I am addicted to my pair and I couldn’t bear to be apart from them. I have an opticians appointment on Friday so perhaps I will get a similar pair with actual lenses in that will help me actually see the board in class.