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23 Oct

Get Cape…

Wear Cape...




21 Aug

Now, y’all know I love both cute animals and fashion so when I came across this picture of a cat with a Top Hat shaped patch I squealed with delight!

How debonair.


7 Aug

OMG! 3 things I love – Star Trek, William Shatner and tiny scruffy dogs (the dog Sulu is holiding, not George Takei) *sqqueeeeel.*


4 Aug

Look at this cute as hedeghog that was scurrying around Benny’s garden last night looking for food. I loved it soo much I just wanted to pick it up, take in the house and fawn all over it. Then I realized that would be ruining it’s life and last time I brought a hedgehog into my house it had lice all over it – ergh. So instead we are going to buy it a little wooden house to live in. YEY!


2 Aug

Aw, I have always loved baby seals and I remember crying my eyes out and throwing the biggest tantrum ever when my mam bought my friend a baby seal teddy for her birthday and I didn’t get one! Grrr.

How cute is this baby seal though with its little tiny head tilted to the side – she reminds me of my little westie Gypsy Lady. Cuuuttee!


28 Jul

Now, normally I hate anything that lives in water (my biggest fear is fish) – yes I even hate dolphins. But this little tiny cute frog is absolutely adroable! aaw.

Here is a strange little story about a toad. The first time I ever went round my boyfriends house (about 4 1/2 years ago) we walked outside to go to the bus stop so I could go home and we looked around and there was this big fat toad who looked like Dolores Umbridge just sat there ribbiting away – it was quite weird.


21 Jul

Awww seen this silly cat!

First it starts off with a few tomatoes.

It moves on to an aubergine.

Then all of a sudden an exact replica appears on it’s head!

Check out more of the silly cat at http://kagonekoshiro.blog86.fc2.com/.