19 Jun

London born freelance celebrity Make Up Artist and entrepreneur, 28-year-old Bella Campbell, expands her business and ventures into the finery of feathers.

Discovering a niche in the market, Bella has created ‘Bella Feathers’, a new business designing, sourcing and producing unique feather hair extensions.

Bella Feathers can be found located on the famous Portobello Road amongst the eclectic weekly traders of Portobello Market on most Fridays and Saturdays. Bella image1

‘Instant gratification’ is how Bella describes her latest pursuit:

“Feather hair extensions are a fresh way to reinvent your hair in seconds.

Wear subtle tones to blend with your natural colour or super-charged brights to stand out from the crowd,” says Bella.

Bella was first inspired 3 years ago: “A friend of mine arrived back from LA sporting an ensemble of glamorous feathers through her hair. Continue reading

Mima Collective

9 Nov

mima image 3On trend and making a glittering impression ‘mima collective’ is a Christmas gifts shopping event with a difference.

Free for the public to attend on November 17th from 10am – 4:40pm, the one-off collaboration between mima shop and a selection of unique, handpicked mini pop-up shops will thrill shoppers who are looking to seek a one-off gift that you can’t get on the high street. Continue reading

Designing, Decorating & Doing Business

9 May

If you want a truly limited edition shopper then look no further…

The young ladies of the Heart 2 Change project have been designing, decorating and doing business all for A Way Out.

Starting from scratch the group first hand drew their designs and from there their creations soon flourished into everything from t-shirts to bags to aprons.

The girls have now taken on an Apprentice-esque enterprise scheme and have started selling their wonderful works at events – including the latest A Way Out’s Charity Fashion Show where they were a huge success.

Lucy Leaver from Design Hub Art Workshop has helped the girls from the start and has loved every minute!

“It’s been fantastic working with the Heart 2 Change girls at A Way Out – it’s great to see how their first designs have now been transformed into bang-on-trend shopper bags and I can’t wait to do more.”

Listen to the podcast by Lucy below for more information about the enterprise scheme…

If you want to buy one of these limited edition items, which no fashionista can be seen without, then get in touch with A Way Out and order one today.

Bringing hope, freedom and wholeness to at rick women and young people, A Way Out’s vision is to educate, support and empower the most vulnerable and at-risk women and young people in society, to live healthy, happy and whole loves, free from poverty, addiction, abuse and harm.

Ballgowns, Burlesque & Boys

25 Apr

Beautiful ball gowns, burlesque babes and buff boys all took to the catwalk this past weekend to raise money for charity.

Over £1000 was raised for ‘A Way Out’ who help bring hope, freedom and wholeness to at risk women and young people in the Teesside area.

The show started off with a bang as burlesque dancer Mademoiselle Boo took to the stage and treat the audience to a sparkling performance as she sashayed and chassed to ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.’ Continue reading

Charity Fashion Show

13 Apr

Whether you’re a vintage rocker, a pin-up Princess or if you simply love a bit of buttercream frosting then A Way Out’s Charity Fashion Evening is the hottest event for you.

Join us at The Hub at Teesside University on the 21st April at 7pm for a totes amazeballs event including fashion shows showcasing the hottest vintage, eveningwear and wedding gown trends, fiercely funky nail art and more giveaways then you can shake your monochrome manicured mitt at.

Listen to the podcast from A Way Out ambassador Sarah-Jane for more information about the Charity Fashion Evening…

For up-to-date information about the event and to find out how to get tickets RSVP on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/362746003744939/

Bringing hope, freedom and wholeness to at rick women and young people, A Way Out’s vision is to educate, support and empower the most vulnerable and at-risk women and young people in society, to live healthy, happy and whole loves, free from poverty, addiction, abuse and harm.

Rags & Muffins

10 Oct

THE DESIGNER charity jumble sale that got Vogue talking came to Middlesbrough this past weekend to raise money for local charity A Way Out.

The Dickens Inn on Southfield road played host to Rags and Muffins – a jumble sale that only sells high-end high street and designer goods at a miniscule price.

“Rags and Muffins is no ordinary jumble sale,” says A WAY OUT’s CEO Jessie Jacobs, “we got Teesside’s Who’s Who together and asked them to raid their wardrobes for designer rags.

“The church hall, cups of tea and cake stalls have been replaced with a trendy bar, cocktails and designer cupcakes.

“From Topshop Unique through to vintage goodies we sell clothes, jewellery and accessories to raise funds for the life changing work of our charity.”

Continue reading

Geek Chic

10 Apr

Yes I realize I have been major neglecting my blog and I do hate myself for it but it’s been for a good reason.

For my final year project I had to come up with a group website and I decided on a website for all us Geek Chic girlies who look ultra fashionable on the outside but have a secret love for Captain Kirk on the inside.

So ya’ll should head over there as it’s the most awesome website you could ever wish too see from The 1-2-3 Girl to Antique of the Week to Does Grandma really know best?

Visit the website at – www.geekchic.me

Like us on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Geek-Chic/169695773080257

Follow us on twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/GeekChic_1

Follow us on tumblr – http://geekchicme.tumblr.com/

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Luna Lookgood

10 Apr

So there I was laid in bed on my iPod doing my usual hunt on eBay for anything Harry Potter related. From soft toys to stamps to the monster book of monsters – the online auction heaven has everything you could ever want.

But this girlie already has the robe, the stationary set and the lunchbox and wanted something a bit more glamorous.

I kept on trawling through when there it was the absolute perfect item I could ever wish for – a Harry Potter charm bracelet!


I ADORE charm bracelets as they fascinate with me and I often can spend a whole lesson going through the various charms on one of my many bracelets rather than attempting 80 words per minute in shorthand.

This bracelet in particular had every Harry Potter-esque charm on it that I could ever wish for – from Scabbers to a Hungarian Horntail to a Firebolt to a golden snitch and even Colin Creevey’s infamous camera plus a million more.

I immediately bought if and paid for it straight way then persuaded my boyfriend to buy me it for our five year anniversary ;).

The price for this all kinds of amazing Harry Potter charm bracelet? – £9.99!

Get yourself onto the eBayers shop and buy one for yourself – tell them I sent you.

Will I be going too far if I team it up with my timeturner, Gryffindor robe and elder wand? – No, didn’t think so.

I am going to put ALL my clothes in this little box.

27 Mar

I turned up to Benny’s work today in my new favourite outfit – see below – and his work collegue said to him “You could never live with her – the fashion Police would wake you up every morning.” Any normal person would take that as an insult, but i’m not normal so thanks Michael for the compliment :D.


Leopard print faux Raybans: €3 – Viareggio market stall.
Grey studded leather jacket: £15 – Matalan.
Black T: £3 – Primark.
Thick gold necklace: £2 – Matalan.
Vintage belt: £1.95 – Charity Shop.
Satchel: £2.95 – Charity Shop.
OTT skirt: 50p – Charity Shop.
Faux white converse: €15 – Shoe shop in Florence.

Gosh, my hair is very blonde isn’t it? – those big bad black roots need sorting out though asap. Somebody give me money to do so pretty please.

In a octopus’ garden with you.

17 Mar

Today is a landmark day – it is mine and Bennys five year Anniversary!!

I should write something uber emotional about how much I love him but this isn’t the right place plus as i’ve said before i’m an unemmotional bitch.

Here are some cartoons of us that we drew each other five years back. In reality I should upload cute pictures of us throughout the years but we are simply too cool to take egotistical pictures of the both of us together.


– you will always keep me snuggly like a buggly!