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These boots are made for walkin’

21 Feb

As of time of writing and without trudging all the way down stairs to count I currently own 10 pairs of boots (ankle, shin, knee, thigh-high – all flat though may I add) – obsessed me? I THINK SO!

Now, I know for sure that I didn’t HAVE to add another two pairs to my already full at the brim shoe closet but when I came across a pair of boots that I couldn’t live without in Primark this week I knew ASAP that I would be adding another pair to my bursting boot collection.

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Trump, Trump, Trump.

12 Feb

Nellie? BumpDumbo? ElmerThe Elephant Man?

Who is your favourite elephant? Well forget all about Bump and his adorable little theme song and instead make sure your new number one elephant is my all kinds of amazing bag.


There I was in a certain charity shop – one of my top 3 so I’m not telling you which one – walking towards the till with an albeit simple but pretty River Island dress with my last remaining fiver of the week (I was on EMA rations.) I had a quick peek over the shoes and bags just in case anything caught my eye and GOLLY GOSH this bag certainly did!

I threw the polkadot RI dress back on the rail and immediately snapped up the beautiful bag in my hungry claws falling more and more in love with it every second I held it.

However, this is where I will admit a shameful sin without having to even go into a confessional booth. The bag had two prices tags on it for some reason (£4.99 and £6.99) and like I said I only had £5 left for the rest of the WHOLE week (I shouldn’t have bought that darn pasty, cornflake cake and cupcake from Greggs ten minutes earlier.)

So the sneaky bitch that I am I ripped the £7 tag off the bag and went to the till where I was charged the fiver to much humming and “eee this is cheap” from the old lady behind which I will admit made me feel guilty as hell but HEY I had fallen in love with my extraordinary elephant bag.

Maybe next time I pop in I will throw some coins in the money box but errrmmmm I will probs spend it on chips from the takeaway next door.