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The birthday list

10 Aug

This Thursday I shall finally reach the grand ol’ age of 21. Not sure why 21 is such a milestone age since everything is legal at 18 (not that I do anything that became legal at that age) perhaps it’s just the UK bumming of the USA again where the age 21 actually stands for something. Oh, you do get a key, but I don’t particularly need a key.

Anyways, whilst at the hairdressers yesterday, (more on that later) I came up with my ideal list of birthday gifts and they range in everything from well, check it out yourself…

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7 Aug

OMG! 3 things I love – Star Trek, William Shatner and tiny scruffy dogs (the dog Sulu is holiding, not George Takei) *sqqueeeeel.*


4 Aug

Look at this cute as hedeghog that was scurrying around Benny’s garden last night looking for food. I loved it soo much I just wanted to pick it up, take in the house and fawn all over it. Then I realized that would be ruining it’s life and last time I brought a hedgehog into my house it had lice all over it – ergh. So instead we are going to buy it a little wooden house to live in. YEY!

My style heroines

2 Aug

Ever since I was little I always dressed a bit out of the norm. As a child my parents dressed me in leather skirts, oversized gaudy jumpers and jazzy waistcoats – actually I currently have all of them items in my wardrobe.

I soo would wear that outfit now.

So looking back on myself at the tender age of 3 I guess I am my own style heroine. Ain’t I a cutie?

Other then little ol’ (or should that be young) me, my biggest style heroine as you can guess by the name of this blog is *drumroll please* Cyndi Lauper!!! Continue reading


2 Aug

Aw, I have always loved baby seals and I remember crying my eyes out and throwing the biggest tantrum ever when my mam bought my friend a baby seal teddy for her birthday and I didn’t get one! Grrr.

How cute is this baby seal though with its little tiny head tilted to the side – she reminds me of my little westie Gypsy Lady. Cuuuttee!


26 Jul

Awww a little piggy in wellingtons. I NEED ONE ASAP!


21 Jul

Awww seen this silly cat!

First it starts off with a few tomatoes.

It moves on to an aubergine.

Then all of a sudden an exact replica appears on it’s head!

Check out more of the silly cat at http://kagonekoshiro.blog86.fc2.com/.

DDC (daily dose of cute)

20 Jul

Awww a little piggy all asleep in a little jacket!