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It’s that time of the month again.

22 Dec

Yes, it’s that time of the month again where I decide I want a brand new kick-ass hair colour and style.

The month before last it was all about shaving the side of my head but EVERYBODY talked me out of it. Then last month I wanted long black straight hair, but I decided against it as my hair is unruly when it comes to dying it all one colour. This month however, I NEED it to be exactly like this:

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Charity Chic extraordinaire – Part 1.

4 Nov

Oh boy, what an absolutely brilliant Charity Chic time i’ve had this week.

It all started with my seasonly trip to Darlington with the BFF’s, I was hoping that the Oxfam where I bought my fantasy fur coat last year would be stocked up with them seeing as its coming in to the Winter but to my dismay there were only rails of ratty pleather jackets. Perhaps on our next trip when it’s closer to Christmas they will – WELL THEY BETTER DO! – or Oxfam will have me to answer too, and when I get angry, I am worse than The Hulk (as in the Marvel character not Hogan.)

Anyways, the less said about my anger issues the better. So we waltzed through the bjillions of charity shops Darlington has to offer (almost as many as Stockton if you dare believe it) looking for a few choice items we needed/wanted. Continue reading

£40 down to £10 = :D.

26 Aug

So I was just mindlessly walking (yet again) through Topshop in order to get to Topman to find some cool cufflinks (in which they had none.) When I thought “oh, I will walk past the sale rail, yano  just in case anything cool and cheap is there.” I was going through the messy rails wondering out loud why Topshop are charging £15 for a tiny piece of cotton when I came across THE JEANS.

As I said in this blog, I believed the jeans didn’t live up to my expectations as they weren’t tight enough and I looked like a  bit of an emo plus the fact that I only had £17 and they were £20 meant I couldn’t of bought them anyways. However, to my excitement the jeans had been discounted from £40 to £20 to £10. So I thought I might as well try them on again and have another think. Continue reading

Beyond the moon, beyond the rain

7 Aug

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really a fan of music. Looking through the top 40 I only know three of the songs, that’s how square and uncurrent I am when it comes to music. Whenever those adverts for summer of R ‘n’ B or similar tittles I just want to scream at how awful the music is.

However, I do actually listen to music but it mainly ranges from musicals to Tom Jones with a bit of 80’s and Katy Perry thrown in there.

So I thought that I would share with you lovely lot my top 5 favorite songs of all time ever! – well, at this moment in time.

My favourite song of all time and has been since I was basically born since The Wizard of Oz was the first film I ever watched and it has stuck by me ever since. Somewhere over the rainbow – Judy Garland.

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What would Cyndi Lauper do?

6 Aug


What would Cyndi Lauper do? aka WWCLD? – that is my shopping motto. Whenever I go shopping and I spot an item of clothing those words chime through my head and mostly the answer is always YES! Unless I have to pick something formal or boring like a pair of plain jeans.

So the other day when I was walking mindlessly through New Look, mainly just to get through the other side to get to HMV to go look at wrestling DVDs, I came across this fabulous jump suit and WWCLD? rang through my head and naturally the answer was YES ABSOLUTLY!

Now, to my horror whilst I was picking out a suitable size (it’s only a size 10 even it does look like a size 20-odd) about 3 chavalicious girls were also checking this out and I knew that they wouldn’t be following my mantra. They will probs be pairing it up with something tediously boring like a pair of black flip-flops and gold bangles.

While of course I will be accessorising it up to high heavens. Wide belts, skinny belts all piled on top of each other. All the bracelets I can find in my house, my millions of necklaces and my Bret Hart sandles – they are deliciously pink and have A LOT of fringe on them.

I might even try to pass myself off as Cyndi Lauper’s granddaughter when I’m on holiday – I think it may just work.

My style heroines

2 Aug

Ever since I was little I always dressed a bit out of the norm. As a child my parents dressed me in leather skirts, oversized gaudy jumpers and jazzy waistcoats – actually I currently have all of them items in my wardrobe.

I soo would wear that outfit now.

So looking back on myself at the tender age of 3 I guess I am my own style heroine. Ain’t I a cutie?

Other then little ol’ (or should that be young) me, my biggest style heroine as you can guess by the name of this blog is *drumroll please* Cyndi Lauper!!! Continue reading