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Newcastle Blonde.

1 Feb

I don’t know what I would call this style so lets go for crazymothafu***mongface. But I do love it and I am wearing all of my absolute favourite items of clothing in one hell of a mess look so it’s all good in the hood bizzatccheezzz.


Bowler hat: £5 – Stiches.
Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Jumper:£1 – Charity Shop.
Fantasy Fur Coat: £5 – Charity Shop.
Denim shorts: Cast off from Benny I believe which I cut up to micro size naturally.
Love Heart Tights: £6 – Topshop.
Studded Ankle Boots: £15 – that shop that isn’t Garage but near there.
Nude Satchel: £10 – Primark.

As you can now see in the above picture I am a blonde, have I got any dumber? – yes, that bleach must kill millions of brain cells.

First position

21 Jul

Wednesday 21st July.

Soooo the weather out there is stormy, boiling, rainy and sunny. Well lets say its ever-changing and ever-changing weather = mega confusion on what to wear.

At the time I left the house it was freezing cold but by the time I got into town it was mega hot and I was sweating like a piggy :(.

Thus leaving me wearing a massive wooly jumper on a hot summers day…

Geek glasses – New Look: £6
Sheep patterned wooly jumper – Charity shop: £2.95
Gaudy blinging chav necklace – Primark: £2.50
Jeans – River Island: £35 (I know! – but jeans are jeans you can’t wear cheap ones)
Brogues – Primark: £8
BIG smile – Priceless!

Even though the geek glasses trend is now over I am addicted to my pair and I couldn’t bear to be apart from them. I have an opticians appointment on Friday so perhaps I will get a similar pair with actual lenses in that will help me actually see the board in class.

Cute? me? – yes even my jewelry says so

21 Jul

So this outfit originally started off with a simple black patent pair of ballet slippers and a cute hairband but then all of a sudden a storm came a’brewin so I had to change it all up! – stupid weather.

However, in retrospect I think the hunting hat makes a great addition to this outfit and the boots are rain-proof so they helped with the million puddles.

Tuesday 20th July.

Hat – Primark: £1 (in sale.)
Eiffel Tower T-shirt – New Look: £6.
Denim Skirt – Primark: £6.
Tights – Primark: £2.
Grey Leg Warmers – Years ago from my dancing days: I probs stole them off somebody in the changing rooms.
Military-esque Boots – Christmas present from TOH.
Duffle Bag (which is unduffled in the pic) – Miss Selfridge: £15 (in sale.)

So yes girls its true! You can dress H2T in all high street clothes yet look different from everybody else – it’s not hard – you just need to look beyond everything else in the shop as well as in your wardrobe.