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A Vintage Goldmine.

26 Sep

While in Italy, my dad and I were simply riding along on our bikes on the way to the beach so I could  get to my daily routine of topping up my tan so I no longer resembled Sheamus, reading Bret Harts autobiography (easily 5*’s) and telling people who came round trying to sell stuff to get away.

We had to bike down the market streets as I’m prone to getting ran over on roads that have cars and oh boy i’m sure glad I did. There I was cycling around with my cute little basket carrying a bouquet of flowers when I spied the dress of my dreams. Continue reading

Ciao, Ciao.

26 Sep

Hello blogerinis, have you missed me? I have missed you all heaps!

I have been in Italy for the last two weeks (and for the other two weeks i’ve been extremely busy – I apologize) but hey biatches forget all about what you think of Italy and fashion – what they think is OTM is actually incredibly 90s (and not the good 90s ala Clarrisa explains it all) it’s all sickingly shiny puffa jackets and pedal pushers alplenty.

However, as per usual yours truly raked through the rails upon rails of tops that wouldn’t look out of place in Tammy circa 2003 and managed to pick up a few classic items that can live in my wardrobe forever. Continue reading