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19 Jun

London born freelance celebrity Make Up Artist and entrepreneur, 28-year-old Bella Campbell, expands her business and ventures into the finery of feathers.

Discovering a niche in the market, Bella has created ‘Bella Feathers’, a new business designing, sourcing and producing unique feather hair extensions.

Bella Feathers can be found located on the famous Portobello Road amongst the eclectic weekly traders of Portobello Market on most Fridays and Saturdays. Bella image1

‘Instant gratification’ is how Bella describes her latest pursuit:

“Feather hair extensions are a fresh way to reinvent your hair in seconds.

Wear subtle tones to blend with your natural colour or super-charged brights to stand out from the crowd,” says Bella.

Bella was first inspired 3 years ago: “A friend of mine arrived back from LA sporting an ensemble of glamorous feathers through her hair. Continue reading

Newcastle Blonde.

1 Feb

I don’t know what I would call this style so lets go for crazymothafu***mongface. But I do love it and I am wearing all of my absolute favourite items of clothing in one hell of a mess look so it’s all good in the hood bizzatccheezzz.


Bowler hat: £5 – Stiches.
Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Jumper:£1 – Charity Shop.
Fantasy Fur Coat: £5 – Charity Shop.
Denim shorts: Cast off from Benny I believe which I cut up to micro size naturally.
Love Heart Tights: £6 – Topshop.
Studded Ankle Boots: £15 – that shop that isn’t Garage but near there.
Nude Satchel: £10 – Primark.

As you can now see in the above picture I am a blonde, have I got any dumber? – yes, that bleach must kill millions of brain cells.

It’s that time of the month again.

22 Dec

Yes, it’s that time of the month again where I decide I want a brand new kick-ass hair colour and style.

The month before last it was all about shaving the side of my head but EVERYBODY talked me out of it. Then last month I wanted long black straight hair, but I decided against it as my hair is unruly when it comes to dying it all one colour. This month however, I NEED it to be exactly like this:

Continue reading

Too-wit Too-woo

1 Aug

So the other day when I was in town mindlessly wandering around waiting for 9.40 so I could go pick up my glasses from the opticians I saw Debenhams and I thought oh I miseawell go in and see if they have anything good downstairs (the downstairs being the cool clothes part.)


At first I walked over to the H for Henry Holland part as there was a sale and I wanted to see if the varsity jacket (all I want in life is a varsity jacket but it is impossible!) that I have been longing for was in the sale and it was! I seen it from a few metres away and got all excited only to find out that it was a size 16!! BOOOO. All the clothes in the sale were BOGOF and I spotted some jeans that I’ve wanted for a while so picked them up immediately and a cute mesh dress that I thought “oh this can be the free one.” I needed to try the jeans on as I’m only short and didn’t want to buy jeans that were too long in the leg – plus they had patches on my knees and I didn’t want the patches to appear on my ankles. But to my dismay there were no changing rooms open or any assistants that I could go “oi, bitch open the changing rooms for me.” So with a heavy heart I put the clothes back on the sale rail. Continue reading