Sorry Suzanne.

23 Oct

Both a song by The Hollies and a note of apology to my BFF Suze for not updating my blog in a long, looong time.

Ever since i’ve been back at Uni, I just haven’t had time to go shopping or do anything blog-worthy at all! – what with the lessons (even if I am only there 8 hours a week), having a social life again and then with the time I do have off all I want to do is sleeeeep.

But now i’ve decided that wanting to have a few zzzzzz’s shouldn’t be a reason to not shop! I haven’t stepped into a charity shop since forever and because of this i’ve actually been dreaming off them!

I’m off to one of my favorite charity shop destinations and a car booty this week so I will hunt high and low for some extra special barginous items and bring you ever so wonderful loyal readers the best of the best they have to offer.

Plus, because it’s National Baking Week I will be baking some extra delicious yummy food to set your mouthwatering/laugh at.

So as my first ever crush Scar would say: “Be Prepared!” – for plenty of capes (hopefully), cuteness and cakes.


One Response to “Sorry Suzanne.”

  1. Suzanne October 24, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    Awww wow an update specially for me! Thanks! And if you want to sleep rather than shop I think I’ll let you off. I know how tired you get 🙂 xx

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