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Geek Chic

10 Apr

Yes I realize I have been major neglecting my blog and I do hate myself for it but it’s been for a good reason.

For my final year project I had to come up with a group website and I decided on a website for all us Geek Chic girlies who look ultra fashionable on the outside but have a secret love for Captain Kirk on the inside.

So ya’ll should head over there as it’s the most awesome website you could ever wish too see from The 1-2-3 Girl to Antique of the Week to Does Grandma really know best?

Visit the website at – www.geekchic.me

Like us on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Geek-Chic/169695773080257

Follow us on twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/GeekChic_1

Follow us on tumblr – http://geekchicme.tumblr.com/

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