Rags & Muffins

10 Oct

THE DESIGNER charity jumble sale that got Vogue talking came to Middlesbrough this past weekend to raise money for local charity A Way Out.

The Dickens Inn on Southfield road played host to Rags and Muffins – a jumble sale that only sells high-end high street and designer goods at a miniscule price.

“Rags and Muffins is no ordinary jumble sale,” says A WAY OUT’s CEO Jessie Jacobs, “we got Teesside’s Who’s Who together and asked them to raid their wardrobes for designer rags.

“The church hall, cups of tea and cake stalls have been replaced with a trendy bar, cocktails and designer cupcakes.

“From Topshop Unique through to vintage goodies we sell clothes, jewellery and accessories to raise funds for the life changing work of our charity.”

The event kicked off with a performance from local dance company Freek dance – full of bustin’ grooves, high-energy and moves that make Flawless look like Nancy Dell’olio, these little ladies sure knew how to entertain a crowd.

After the show-stopping dance it was time for shoppers to start rummaging through the rails for the best bargains.

Cara Porritt, 22, a criminology and psychology student at Teesside University couldn’t wait to show off her buys: “This is amazing! My student loan has yet to come through and I desperately needed a new outfit for my birthday this week.”

Cara beamed and showed off her new purchases – a leopard print ASOS dress, a pair of Aldo studded shoes and a little vintage bag – “I’ve managed to get a whole new outfit today for under £10!”

Next was the fashion show sponsored by local fashion shop Vintage Vogue. From tennis skirts Serena Williams would be jealous off to dirty grungy looks, this fashion show showcased all of this season’s biggest trends.

The trend for charity designer sales was started by Gwyneth Paltrow who launched Rumble in the Jungle in 2008.

“The stigma attached to second-hand clothes disappeared a long time ago. Everyone loves vintage, but it can be expensive. Jumble sales are cheap,” says Karolina Hedstrom, who runs Wills-Moody, the rock ’n’ roll themed jumble sale in London.

“The price is right and the spending is virtually guilt-free and most importantly we sell clothes you actually want to wear.” Hedstrom says. “These are jumble sales for the fashion conscious, 21st century shopper.

Listen to the interview below from A Way Out’s Sarah Jane to learn more about the charity, upcoming events and her best ever Rags and Muffins purchase…

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