Luna Lookgood

10 Apr

So there I was laid in bed on my iPod doing my usual hunt on eBay for anything Harry Potter related. From soft toys to stamps to the monster book of monsters – the online auction heaven has everything you could ever want.

But this girlie already has the robe, the stationary set and the lunchbox and wanted something a bit more glamorous.

I kept on trawling through when there it was the absolute perfect item I could ever wish for – a Harry Potter charm bracelet!


I ADORE charm bracelets as they fascinate with me and I often can spend a whole lesson going through the various charms on one of my many bracelets rather than attempting 80 words per minute in shorthand.

This bracelet in particular had every Harry Potter-esque charm on it that I could ever wish for – from Scabbers to a Hungarian Horntail to a Firebolt to a golden snitch and even Colin Creevey’s infamous camera plus a million more.

I immediately bought if and paid for it straight way then persuaded my boyfriend to buy me it for our five year anniversary ;).

The price for this all kinds of amazing Harry Potter charm bracelet? – £9.99!

Get yourself onto the eBayers shop and buy one for yourself – tell them I sent you.

Will I be going too far if I team it up with my timeturner, Gryffindor robe and elder wand? – No, didn’t think so.


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