eBay buys.

12 Mar

Long time no blog! Sorry about the hiatus but i’ve been busy eating Pizza Hut, sleeping and watching Crufts but now I’m back and I’ve got helluva lot of stuff to blog about.

I’ve been a bit lazy as of late and instead of going around town looking for what I wanted I went to the worlds biggest auction website that is eBay.

I will admit it, I am a bit TOO addicted and often spend the last 10 minutes before I drift off too sleepy land looking for anything to do with my favourite wrestlers, as evident in this picture:

I soon gave up on trying to find Beth Phoenix’s ring worn attire after trying for 3 weeks non-stop and instead I started to search for a pair of leather pants.

Magazines lied to me claiming I could buy a pair from Matalan and Primark but after looking in both shops on a twice weekly basis I had no such luck.

Off to eBay I went in hunt for a pair – faux leather of course, I don’t want no dead cow skin touching my bare legs –  and after a few watched items costing too much for little ol’ tight me I at last at about 1am found myself a buy-it-now pair for 99p! So of course I bought them now, paid perhaps a bit over the odds £4 for P&P but hell to it, I didn’t care, I NEEDED a pair desperately.


Now, I was rather pissed off when they came through the post and I tried them on. They fit me perfectly around the waist and hip area but the pictures on eBay LIED!! I bought them specifically because they looked extremely skinny but trying them on they definitely were NOT! – well they would be extremely tight for other people but not for me, I want it too look like somebody has sprayed my legs with a black leather paint.

Sometime this week I will take these to a tailorists and get them took in about a foot for me so I look very Bad Sandy-esque.

Next, off I went on my usual eBay search of ’80’s dresses’. There are usually a million that I like but they are either 12 sizes too big or they have a stupidly expensive starting price. I hunted every day for hours on end for something that I wanted and after quite a while – well about 4 days – I found one that I wanted!


What don’t I love about this dress? – peplum style, glitter, long sleeves, shoulder pads! – WOW. Add a bit of lace and it would be my dream dress.

The price? – £1.01. However, as before there was a size problem, a bit too long and baggy for my liking but with a belt and pair of heels I will be able to pull it off of course.

Last but not least perhaps one of the most awesomest fricken hoodies you will ever wish too see – even better then these lot.


Yes, you may all close your mouths now. I can AT LAST pretend I go to Hogwarts and that I did indeed get sorted into Gryffindor – due to being related to Godric.

But can people please remind me not to go out in this hoodie and my Gryffindor backpack please as I don’t want to come off as a MEGA loser in public – even though I totally am.

The price? – well I was in a bidding war up to the very last second – literally – and after sweating a bucketload through all those furious clicks I finally managed to snag it for £4.01.

Always put that extra penny in and you will – 7 cases out of 10 – win the item. Don’t use my bit of advice against me in a bidding war though or I will hunt you down and get you in a rear naked choke hold.

Till next time bitches,
Peace, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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