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Mom jeans

7 Aug

First off I shall apologize for my horrendous roots (I can’t afford a full head colour atm) and pained expression (it was sunny) in the following picture.

Friday 7th August.

Mrs T necklace: £2.50 – Primark
Clock necklace (which I personally brought into fashion): £2 – Redcar car booty
Stripy naval top: free – my mam’s wardrobe
High waisted jeans: £4.50ish – Ebay
Nude lace-up sandals: £8 – Primark (I don’t even like them though!)
‘Paul’s Boutique’ bag: £25 –  Bank [aka market stall]

Oh, how I adore my [mom jeans] high waisted jeans but oh they are extremely annoying and hurty. I had to buy a size 6 as my waist is impossibly tiny but my hips were made for birthing. So the ability to breathe and be comfortable in these jeans from the waist down is near much impossible! But I do love wearing them so I can live with the pain while walking around in public, but as soon as I get somewhere private its off with her head the jeans and straight into my sweat pants I go.