Reap what you sew.

7 Aug

In this mini tutorial I will show you how to turn a boring old pair of had-their-day jeans…

Into the most fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans you could ever wish to see…

For a mere £1.20 and an old pair of jeans…

Anybody who knows me – even if it’s just a tiny bit – will be able to tell you that I adore fringe and tassels! So while I was wandering aimlessly (I do A LOT of wandering about aimlessly) around Boyes my eyes darted to the fringe section and a thought sprung into my mind immediately. I HAD to purchase a couple of metres and then find something to sew the fringe on to and if not I would just wear it as a belt or  something.

I rushed home and looked through my endless amount of clothes to find something or another to sew the fringe onto. At first I thought I would put it onto a denim jacket that I never wear but then I realized the black would be too harsh against the soft denim colour that my jacket is.

I moved on down through my clothes rail and then I came across an old pair of jeans that I never wear anymore as well, I have other jeans that I prefer to wear. I took them off the hanger and got down to some serious and painful business.

To start with measure how long the length of your jeans are so you can accordingly cut the piece of fringe to size (add a couple of inches on just incase):

…or if they are from Topshop like these are simply look at the label.

I just want to point out that these jeans are infact skinny jeans as in the pictures they do look straight-leg but they definitely ain’t! I’m just saying as I don’t want people thinking that I wear straight-leg jeans *yak.*

Next up place the fringe onto wear you are going to sew them (the outside hem) so you can picture what they will eventually look like…

Then thread your needle (or preferably get somebody else to do it) with about a metre of black thread (I had less to start with so don’t worry about my problems) and get sewing!

When I first started I did a running stitch thinking that would be the most secure and easiest but it took a hell of a long time! After half an hour I had only managed to get thus far…

Then after a whole hour after getting into a rhythm I still had only managed to get this far!…

But I had to stop at this moment anyways as I had ran out of black thread and Big Brother was starting soon…

The next day after realizing that I wouldn’t be able to continue with a running stitch (as my arm wasn’t long enough) I started to sew using a over-sewing stich and oh boy how fast I worked with this really fast and easy stitch. Yet it was painful but the fastness soon made up for that minor difficulty.

Keep on going until you get to the pockets as this will be your stop-off point. Would you believe it though, I ran out of thread just a mere 2″ away from the end and had to finish off the seam and take an hour to re-thread a needle!…


When you get to the pocket, go back across the last few stitches to hold everything in place and hopefully it should end up like this…

Then do the exact same with the other leg and TA-DA you will end up with the most amazing pair of jeans ever!

Special thanks goes to my boyfriend for agreeing to model my jeans for me – i’m actually jealous that he looks better in these jeans then I do!

So maybe when you have some free time and fancy sprucing up your wardrobe a bit simply take some 60p/m fringe and sew till your heart is content.

Of course, when I wear these jeans this theme will continuously be playing through my mind…


4 Responses to “Reap what you sew.”

  1. Bianca August 7, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    ooo they look cool, you’ll have to make me some haha. x

    • Chantalina August 8, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

      i’ll make you some with some crazy pink fringe on them 😛 lol

      ♥ you B! x

  2. Ava August 9, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    thought the fringe would create volume
    but it looks kinda slimming
    tricky 😉

    • Chantalina August 9, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

      they might look slimming on my boyfriend but perhaps not so much on me 😦 lol

      thanks for looking at my blog 🙂 xx

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