Seaside times…

26 Jul

Howdy, so today I went to the seaside and because its Redcar I never know how the weather is going to turn out, one minute it’s glorious and the next it’s a torrential storm. Thus, making me wear a completely irrelevant outfit, but hell to it I found this outfit cute and I love it so I went with it. Plus the local newspaper came round to take a picture of me for a little column about books so I needed to look like a little stylish geek and I think I pulled it off really well, do you agree?

Monday 26th July.

Lace dress (worn as top) – Internationale (yak, i know right?): £18
Gingham skirt (I LOVE gingham as I like to pretend I am Dorathy from the Wizard of Oz) – Matalan: £12
Love heart tights – Topshop: £6 (yikes! i know but i wear tights basically every day so i’m willing to spend a bit.)
Brown brogues – Primark: £8
Geeky glasses – Primark: £1 (bargain or what!)
Bracelets etc (as seen at the top) – Union Jack&Love bangles – Primark: £2.50 each, Faux pearl bracelets – accumulated them over the years, Gold watch – George@Asda: £8.

Now as you can see in the pic I have taken off two of the broaches that I previously had on my satchel. Reasons? well because I bent the pin of the Diva one so fucking bad it basically kept threatening me too fall off in the middle of the street so I was constantly worried and thought grr it’s going to have to go so bye bye Diva broach – I shall always remember you. With the other badge because it was really old and once belonged to my nona (my italian grandma) I didn’t want to loose it and feel guilty for the rest of my life so that’s why I had to remove it.

Even though there is just one simple red love heart on my satchel I still love it and it’s not leaving my side – well until I go back to uni as then I need HUGE bag to basically fit my life in.

One last note – why are ice creams at the seaside so fricken expensive nowadays?! for sprinkles it costs 25p extra! eeeeeeee – good job my BFF works in the leading ice cream shop and can give me discount.


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