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26 Sep

First off I will apoligise for the stupid, vacant expression and pose in the picture below – just focus on the outfit please.

Saturday 25th September.


Undertaker jumper: eBay – £3.01
Acid wash denim skirt: Primark – £6
Grey woolen tights: Primark – £2
Leopard skin ankle boots: Barretts – £10

Oh, isn’t my ‘Taker jumper just the absolute best btw? – I may not be his biggest fan but when I seen it while having my daily scan through WWE items on eBay I knew that I needed it in my wardrobe asap.

Ahhh grey woolen tights, what would I do without thee? – they are my life saviour, now that it’s starting to get extremely cold again I must go out and buy millions of them in every colour under the rainbow.

p.s: how cute does little Gypsy-Lady look asleep on the sofa behind me. Awwwwwww.


The power of love.

21 Aug

Note: Do not wear a body-con skirt when going for a XL curry.

Thursday 19th August.


Leather Jacket: Topshop – £30
Back to the future t-shirt: Topshop – £9
Black bodycon skirt: H&m – £7.99
Floral tights: Italy – free as they were a present or they might be from Primark IDK.
Black Brogues: Primark – £8
Satchel: Primark – £6

Just putting it out there, I bought the Back to the future t-shirt as I LOVE that film and yes when I see girls in the t-shirt I do want to walk up to them and ask if they have ever seen the film, I’m guessing the majority of the answers would be “no” – same with girls who wear Rolling Stones/Led Zep tops and never have heard even one song by them. GRRRRR.

BTW every girl should have a black body-con skirt in their wardrobe – they are both a necessity and a marvel, they go with everything and hug you in all the right places to show off your sexy figure (well if you are a size 12 or under – don’t bother with such a skirt if you are over a size 12, thank you).

p.s: how ferosh does my hair look?

It was acceptable in the 80s – and still is now.

14 Aug

First off, I want to say thank you to my wonderful boyfriend who made my amazing new banner for ‘Daily Fashion’ – I LOVE IT! Thank you Benny :D.

Sorry, about the lack of blog updates recently, it’s been my birthday so I have been ultra busy the last few days but now I will get back on track so don’t worry.

Todays outfit is brought to you by the letter N (for Newcastle as that’s where I went) and the number 1986 (the year I’m channeling.)

Glasses: £1 – Primark.
Floral Scarf: Stolen from my mam who got it as a Christmas present – M&S.
Black T: I’m guessing it’s from Primark so probs about £2.
White pleather jacket: £9.99 – eBay.
Crocodile skin-esque satchel: £13.45 – Faith (in debenhams)
Fringe Jeans: Fringe: £1.20 – Boyes. Jeans: £28 – Topshop. Sew them together as seen in this blog and you yourself can get a fabulous and fierce pair of fringe flying jeans.
Ankle boots (which I LOVE & I can’t wait for winter so I can wear them more often): Studio – £22.

Oh BTW how amazing does my hair look in this picture. I recently got it dyed more of a ginger colour and now I feel like a female version of Ron Weasley: ginger, poor, dumb and I like to say the word bloody a lot – yes it’s a good thing.

Mom jeans

7 Aug

First off I shall apologize for my horrendous roots (I can’t afford a full head colour atm) and pained expression (it was sunny) in the following picture.

Friday 7th August.

Mrs T necklace: £2.50 – Primark
Clock necklace (which I personally brought into fashion): £2 – Redcar car booty
Stripy naval top: free – my mam’s wardrobe
High waisted jeans: £4.50ish – Ebay
Nude lace-up sandals: £8 – Primark (I don’t even like them though!)
‘Paul’s Boutique’ bag: £25 –  Bank [aka market stall]

Oh, how I adore my [mom jeans] high waisted jeans but oh they are extremely annoying and hurty. I had to buy a size 6 as my waist is impossibly tiny but my hips were made for birthing. So the ability to breathe and be comfortable in these jeans from the waist down is near much impossible! But I do love wearing them so I can live with the pain while walking around in public, but as soon as I get somewhere private its off with her head the jeans and straight into my sweat pants I go.

‘ere mate, are you Alexa Chung?

6 Aug


“Of course I’m not you silly chav.” Well I wish I had said that but instead I just ignored the tracksuit-wearing child and carried on listening and therefore pretending that I’m Roxie in Chicago.

So this is the outfit I wore to my surprise week early birthday party, which wasn’t really a surprise since I was the one who suggested it. My mam kept telling me that I should have dressed more ‘funky’ but what she thinks is funky is terribly disgusting. But perhaps I should have dressed a bit more summery considering it is erm summer and it was a party but ooh well I still loved my outfit even if it didn’t fit the occasion.

Wednesday 4th August.

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Size 6 please

4 Aug

So today I had many things in which I needed to look pretty for:

A) Passport picture time, I shall be holidaying in Italy next month but don’t worry I shall try and update my blog whenever possible.

Hopefully this picture won't be embarrassing in 10 years time.

B) I met up with a friend so I had to look nice for that and better than her – that isn’t too difficult though. Ooo what a bitch I am.

C) I went over to Benny’s so I have to look nice and pretty and cute for him!

Tuesday 3rd August.

Floral dress – Primark: £13
Jeans – George@Asda: £10
Ballet slippers – Topshop: £16
Bird/Rose & Love necklaces (as above) – Primark: £1.50 each

OMG how adore that dress, it’s floral, has amazing shoulders, studded details and best of it I look skinny in it. Plus it doesn’t look as though it is from Primark – my friend thought it was a vintage buy as it does look very 50s but nop it was straight off the rail from Primarni itself. But usually if you get a dress from there EVERYBODY will have it the following week but i’ve never seen anybody in this dress – bar Kirsty from The Wright Stuff. I guess the dress is too dignified and covered up for the girls we have in Middlesbrough.

Oh and a note on my wonderful ballet-esque shoes, I found out when I was playing with my feet on the bus that they have a great big huge rip on the side *crys* and I know I like them shabby but I can’t be having bugs or anything like that getting into my shoe. So if anybody fancies buying me a birthday present for my 21st next week please buy me these shoes – size 6 please ;).

Charm you way into my <3

28 Jul

Oh how I love charm bracelets – they just intrigue me and they look ever so pretty. The one above was cheap (well not for but for everybody else) but it gives off a unique vintagey look and I do try and wear it as much as I can but it’s not possible as I can never ever tie it together and plus it makes too much noise so I just look at it every now and then and fall a bit more in love with it.

Anyways… I wore this outfit yesterday to go over to my boyfriends house for a chill session in which we watched wrestling, played lego harry potter and cuddled – I love those kinda days.

Tuesday 27th July.

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