These boots are made for walkin’

21 Feb

As of time of writing and without trudging all the way down stairs to count I currently own 10 pairs of boots (ankle, shin, knee, thigh-high – all flat though may I add) – obsessed me? I THINK SO!

Now, I know for sure that I didn’t HAVE to add another two pairs to my already full at the brim shoe closet but when I came across a pair of boots that I couldn’t live without in Primark this week I knew ASAP that I would be adding another pair to my bursting boot collection.

As the ever so sexy Miss.Rihanna declares: “sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me” – well not so much whips more like a soft grey leather so when I spotted the following boots in the reduced stand I rushed over leaving my BFF looking for a pair of loafers all on her own (sorry Suze.)


(I really should hang up those posters that I bought over a month ago.)

At first after searching through about what felt a bjillion pairs of boots in hunt for a size 6 I came up short and felt like breaking down – Suze making fun of this whole situation wasn’t helping! – I walked away pretty much suicidal and looked at the simple little ballet flats that I would normally want with anger thinking “WHY AREN’T YOU THOSE BOOTS!”

However, I went back to the stand – leaving Suze again, sorry! – and thought I misewawell mightani? try on a size 7 hoping my gigantic foot would fill up the boot and thankfully my Grawp like feet fitted inside beautifully. Woo.

The price I paid for these beautiful pair of supple lovelys? – £10 (reduced from £20.) Pretty good bargain I think.

I haven’t had a chance to wear them out yet – I have around the house to show them off to the rents and Gypsy-Lady – but thats mainly because i’ve only been out of the house twice this week (both times to see Benny – oh and bowling WHERE I GOT A MILLION STRIKES – with the bumpers up) as I am extremely lazy and would rather stay in bed watching shit daytime TV – House Gift starts again tomorrow YEY.

The following day after coming home from the hubbys (make-up free may I add so if you thought you saw a ghost dressed in a leather jacket wondering around town last Tuesday, you didn’t – it was me) I passed by the YMCA (please don’t sing along) and thought “oh I will pop in – I need a long-sleeved black top for tomorrow and I’m not paying out £3.50 in Primark!! I did in actual fact find one but it was to long in length it was like a mini dress (on Bex it would have been a crop top.)

I wondered over to the mens department via the shoes as I have been sent on a scavenger hunt by my dad to find him a dashing waistcoat. I had a small glance at the shoes knowing I will never find anything cute and suitable for my XL feet when I spotted yet another pair of boots that I NEEDED to give a home too.


I’m not sure what exactly attracted me to these pair of boots as they ain’t exactly glamorous but they have some kind of magical whim about them that made me want to have them. Perhaps it’s the cowboy-esque-ness, or the heel which gives me an extra bit of height without looking like a prozzie/chav (both the same though really) or maybe the fact that in a vintage shop they would be on sale for £30.

Whatever the reason I grabbed one of the pair and sat down on a moth-eaten sofa which was trying to be sold for an alarming price and tried the boot on. This is where I had my Cinderella moment where the boot fit on with perfect ease.

I turned around back to the shoe stand to pick up my shoes BFF to find some scruffy women in a FUG shin length skirt and cream corduroy jacket looking at it!! I felt like dropkicking her and hitting her upside the head with the one boot that I had in my hand but thankfully by the time I got over there she had put it down and walked away. I snatched it up and cooly walked over to the till.

Because of all my excitement I had not yet looked at the price. I turned the white tag over thinking “OMG what if they are over the five pounds that are in my purse?! – what do I do then? – I can’t put it back and get money out because the FUG women might snap them up!” But thankfully they only wanted £2.99 for them! (seriously 299 pennies for a pair of genuine leather boots – gosh, i’m good) so I gave my money to the tiller/tellor/tally-tully/whatever they are called woman behind the counter and walked outside with glee and still enough money left over to buy a cupcake from Greggs.

Till next time bitches,
Peace, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll.


2 Responses to “These boots are made for walkin’”

  1. Becky April 5, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    …..cashier?? hahah xx

  2. Becky April 5, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    oh and why does the deafaut logo on here look like the hulk’s junk!? eek! xx

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