Geek Freak.

11 Feb

One drizzly Sunday morning myself and the Bex-meister managed to somehow get ourselves to Newcastle and this time we didn’t end up nearly getting ran over on the Tyne Tees bridge.

The reason why we pulled ourselves out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30? (well 7:30 for me, she didn’t wake up till half 8 and we were meeting at 9! – IKR, everybody go tut at her) – was to go too my idea of Heaven – an AFFORDABLE vintage fair.

Once we got in to Northumbria Uni’s SU my head was all over the place – there were far too many sparkling sequins, fantasys furs and ditsy daisys for my eyes to take in! When I die – hopefully before I get old – and get sent up to the pearly gates I hope God will let me shop in this wonderful place with an unlimited amount of money and have Drew McIntyre walking behind feeding me cupcakes for the rest of eternity.

Now me being my cheap-ass self, rather then look out for a pretty patterns or OTT gaudy jumpers I instead looked out for posters that claimed £10 and under or 50% off! and by golly gosh there were quite a lot of them.

However, these ‘bargains’ which were under £10, well let’s just say they were still mega overpriced! I see a lot of similar items in Charity Shops for under £3 (oversized washed out T’s, ponchos etc) – goodness knows how much these shops try to sell them for when they don’t have to be so affordable.

I kept rummaging through the £10 and under rails when I came across the most 80’s-licious Prom dress ever!


My life would be so much easier if I lived in the 80’s – all the music I like is from that decade, I wouldn’t get weird looks of WAG-wannabes in the street for wearing wacky clothes and chavs wouldn’t make fun of my little bike as it would have been new and cool back then (it is cool now btw just too cool for chavs to understand.)

Anyways less of my ranting about not being born in the late 60’s so I could live through the 80’s and more on the dress. You may think it is the fugliest thing ever and there is too much velvet that even errmmm a velvet monster who can only survive on eating velvet would most likely turn it down but it is so bad it’s amazing! I went out to the students union in it the other day and even though I did get some WTF looks off some sluts in plain black low cut bodycon dresses I didn’t care. I felt good in it and extremely happy as evident in the following picture:


I kept on rumaging through the £10 and under dress rail and I did come across a wonderful ivory 1920s-esque gown but sadly I didn’t buy it as i’m not getting married anytime soon (and when I do eventually get married I will be wearing this dress.) So there I was still going through a whole range of dresses from see-through mesh stripey maxis to miniture mauve mod dresses when I came across this poor little confused dress:


I don’t know whether it thinks it is supposed to be floral, lace, a button down, from the 50s or the 70s so it just went for a mixture of all five. Now, sometimes when I look at this hung up in my dress wardrobe I love it and want to pair it up with a pair of ankle socks and brown brogues next time the sun is out and other times I want to throw it in a fire and think WHY WHY WHY?!

The price for the two above dresses? – well, they were supposed to be £10 each (reduced from £30 and £20 respectively) so that would be a grand total of £20. But you know me and my tight-ass – in 2 ways – self I HAD to try and get them for cheaper and this is where my barganing genes that I got off my dad came in handy (he used to work in the antiques world) and I managed to get them down to £15 for both so I saved myself a whole £5! which I then subsequently spent on NERDs in Fenwicks.

After walking around all the stalls for what felt like the millionith time and almost throwing up at the amount of real furs on sale (i’m with Holly Madison when it comes to the fur topic and don’t throw the whole vintage fur debacle at me – it still did once belong on a poor little animal) my eyes were soon caught by this extraordinary cute as a button dress.


Now I love me a billowing sleeve, a bit of crocheted lace and a lycra skater skirt so of course when all three are combined in a dusty pink colour it is my dream dress. The price? £12 down from £15 – yes I bargained again ;). However, after wearing it the other day during that crazy ass tornado that hit Middlesbrough I discovered it is obscenely short and should never ever be worn with a pair of tights again (even if they do go perfectly) so in the future I will whip if over a pair of jeggings to protect my modesty.

My final buy of the day was this adorable necklace which is perfect in every way:


Ya’ll know how much of a Geek I am so when I spotted this I HAD to have it and after handing over £6 I had it round my neck immediately.

I left the vintage fair in utter delight and spent the hour and a half long train journey home thinking of what I could wear with all my new dresses in amongst playing endless games of the A – Z game, eating yummy lemon cupcakes and wondering why there are so many allotments near the rail way – maybe cabbages grow better when constantly being vibrated by passing trains or something?

Till next time bitches,
Peace, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll.


2 Responses to “Geek Freak.”

  1. Bianca February 11, 2011 at 6:16 pm #

    I know a chav who loved your bike.. remember ha, he also had a fondness of The Hills..

  2. Becky April 5, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    Hey!! tut at me all you like, i may have slept in, but i STILL managed t rock up to yours before you were ready to go! tut 😛 xxx

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