A weightlifting cat.

23 Jan

*puts on The Rock’s voice* Finally, Chantal has come back to the world of charity shops.

After an extra long hiatus in which I couldn’t get myself over to the wondrous charity shop-filled high street (and also widest incase you didn’t know) of Stockton-on-Tees, I at long last took my rip-off white converse back into one of my favourite places in the world with a belly full of Burger King and a pocketful of potential dream buys.

I ran off to my absolute numero uno CS as it likes to close at random times every time I go there and you never know whether it’s going to be open for another 2 hours or closed 40 minutes ago. Thankfully it was still open, I rummaged through the beyond messy rails (they really need to sort that shop out) and my happiness soon turned to disappointment when I couldn’t find anything I liked as I didn’t fancy owning a deflated puffa jacket or a tan 3/4 length leather coat.

However, I kept my spirits up and plodded on through the Next and Etam leftovers when I came across this beast of a jumper:


Who doesn’t want a jumper with a weightlifting cat on it?! – the price? – a mere 99p. Can’t even buy a bottle of Coke Zero for that nowadays.

It is now my favouritest jumper in the world – it even beats my sheep adorned wonder to a pulp. Let’s just hope it remains freezing cold for a little bit longer as I want to get the most out of it as possible.

I wondered off to the next load of charity shops via a bakery to get the most yummiest pink cupcake and sadly I couldn’t find anything worth buying for about two hours. But I kept trudging on as I knew SOMETHING extraordinary had to pop up sooner or later. When thankfully out of nowhere popped up one helluva shirt.


Yes I do realize it is about 5 times as big as me (sometimes I feel like it would be easier to be obese – clothes wise not health or ugliness wise) but those huge turquoise stones, gold stars, shells and diamonds more then make up for the alarming size issue. Plus, I can just whip a skinny tan belt round the waist or tuck it into something high waisted and I will look 80s-rific! The price? – £2.25, that amount of denim in Boyes would cost well over a fiver!

Next up was The Salvation Army – last time I went in there I walked out in disgust after finding  a dogtooth, over worn, bobbled-a-plenty wiggle dress from Debenhams  for £15.99! But I thought I would give it another go because well you never know, they might of realized how cheeky they were being with their prices and brought them down a tenner or so.

I went through all the rails (there are like 50 of them – no lie, well a bit of lie, more like 20) and after 19 of them I came across a beautiful sheer dusty pink shirt which I soon fell in love with. Everything from the pleats to the ribbon and of course the oversized-ness.


Thankfully, the Salvation Army had realised their cheek and only charged me £2.99 for this bewitching little number.

Sadly, this is where my journey ends. Now normally I would be pissed that I came out of a shopping journey with only 3 items but because they are all so fabulous I was as happy as Larry the Lamb.

I’m popping up to Durham this week to go to an affordable vintage fair and they have a fair few decent charity shops from what I have heard so hopefully by the end of this week I will have some awesome new outfits and plenty to blog about.

Till next time bitches,
Peace, Love & Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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