Barginous buys aplenty.

16 Jan


My 5000 word essay on whether ‘the fashion blogopshere has taken over from the established fashion magazines’ has now been handed in so now I’m back to my usual bloggin-ness. YEY!

So yesterday off I popped to Primark for the first time since Christmas Eve!! – I know right, whats that all about? – and because I had left it for eternity and a day my favourite shop had plenty of cheap buys that I HAD to have, rather then having nothing like it usually has when I go in every day.

One thing I had noticed about Primark though is the fact that all their clothes have gone mega downhill ATM, there wasn’t anything clothes-wise that I liked let alone wanted. Perhaps, it’s the lull of post-Christmas fashion and that their Spring/Summer collections haven’t came through yet but really who the hell would wear a polyester khaki pair of flares? SORT IT OUT!

After being disappointed by all the clothes I wondered off to the accessories section to hopefully restore my faith in the shop and thankfully I fell in love with everything there (other then those sequin adorned chain bags – really though? bork!)

I decided that I need a new big uni/sleeping at Bennys bag – in reality I don’t as I already own over 10 but I do have a desire for anything satchel related – and my eyes soon flickered to this XL quilted nude lovely.


The price? – £10, yes I know it’s a bit overpriced for my cheap-ass but I do love it and it’s all big and roomy inside which means I can fit the million and one things I carry around with me every day. I would only wear this with the long strap though and defo not by the handles as you may be surprised to learn that I’m not one of those annoying wannabe-WAG types you see plastered all over the town centre.

I next laughed my way over to the jewelry stands (I was listening to a Ricky Gervais podcast – people must think i’m a right weirdo when I’m walking around on my own laughing my head off) and came across the bird ring that I had been hankering over for ages but never got a chance to buy as they never had a Large size in for my big fat finger! – but today after nearly 5 months (I remember so exactly as I wanted it for my holiday in September but never could get one) they finally did. WOO!


£2 - yes I was watching Family Guy.

I am pretty pissed off though – I wanted to start wearing more rings (about 3 min at any given time) but Primark only make their rings so that they can fit on your engagement finger and its counterpart on the right hand. And because I wear my engagement ring on my engagement finger (surprisingly, enough) I can only wear one other ring so I am pretty pissed off! – perhaps other shops will have rings for other fingers but they won’t cost £2!

Next I popped off around the corner to that wonderful section of Primark where everything is marked down to half price, in amongst the glittery belts which only a disillusioned unfashionable 5-year-old would wear and chain earrings which tbh have never looked good was the floral laptop bag which I have been craving forever!


£4 - down from £8.

Nobody would buy me it for Christmas even though I had told EVERYONE that I wanted it, my dad claimed that I didn’t need one as I already had one and my mam, well she doesn’t even know what a laptop is. I would’ve bought it myself but I had a feeling that they would be on sale after Christmas so I left it a while and thank Allah they were marked down!

So now, whenever I need to bring my laptop out of hibernation from my bedroom at least I can look good when carrying it rather then those black canvas monstrosities which make me sick in the mouth.

I also bought this hippy inspired hairband which I love and shall be wearing with everything from now on.



Naturally, it’s far too small for my head and gives me a headache but sometimes you have to suffer for fashion.

I also purchased these cute little black frill-edged socks which I have been looking for since well eternity (at least since college days) but I couldn’t squeeze my size 6 feet into socks for little girls so now that cute socks are in fashion and being made for well women I am delightfully happy!



Suze being her wonderful self bought me 3 pairs of cute awesome socks for Christmas too so I am – how can I put it? oh I can’t – BUZZING!


But as ya’ll know I don’t ever get my legs out due to the amount of bruises because of stupid insulin-ness and the fact that all my skirts are too short to wear my lily-white legs out in public (plus I would only cause jealousy with my mighty thighs) so i’m kinda stumped as to how I can wear my collection of socks so any suggestions would be great!

Thats all I bought in Primark this week – no clothes at all (seeing as they all suck ATM) but a lot of awesome accessories so out of the bad always comes the good.

I’ll be back next week with hopefully a lot of charity chic buys as I’m having a much needed chairty shop trek next week so keep your eyes peeled!


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