Back to the future.

6 Jan


LOOK ‘back to the future’ this fashion season. From silk shirts to studs, petticoats to playsuits, 2011 is all about reinventing the past.

Farrah Fawcett flicks, bell bottoms and layers of lace all come together this Spring/Summer to give us  fashionistas of the revolution the carefree Boho yet sexy and sophisticated SEVENTIES look.

The key factor for this trend is to keep your silhouette very clean but with voluminous details, think tight fitting shirts in sumptuous silks and satin with sleeves you could hide a Chihuahua in!

Accessories wise make sure to pile on the pearls, pendants and precious stones for that heavenly haute hippy look. 

If you’re the rebellious and controversial type then the PUNK trend is spot-on for you.

Go for the hardcore look with a ton of studs on everything you can manage from leather jackets to belts and even a few extra piercings. Ensure your once pretty lace-topped stockings are ripped to shreds and of course you need that all-important sneer.

However, mix up these punk rock elements with a pretty prom dress to give that ultra-feminine edge.

Doc Martens are a necessity to complete this look and come in a whole range of colours and patterns – go for a funky floral type to sweeten up those mega-tight black leather pants that once belonged to your dad when he was throwing himself about to God Save the Queen.

From the decade that brought us the heartthrob Elvis Presley, Playboy magazine and credit cards, the fun ‘50s are back in full flirtatious force.

Think of Sandy in Grease or the jukebox generation who hand-jived to ‘Rock around the clock’ – it’s all about beehives, bobby socks and big skirts.

To win those fashion credentials this season you must own an extremely full and below the knee circle skirt that has to be incredibly clinched in at the waist to revive that all authentic American diner look.

Team up with cat-eye sunglasses, box bags aplenty and a dash of sweet innocence and you will soon be mistaken for Doris Day.

Jumpsuits to playsuits, rompers to overalls, ALL-IN-ONES are set to be fashions hottest trend this year. Invest in one right now, as they will be all over the catwalks of Milan and New York for seasons to come.

They can be worn in a whole manner of different ways, from asymmetric, sequined galore wonders for night time to polka dot printed little numbers for picnics on a sunny day.

You can also channel this season’s biggest looks with this wardrobe must-have. For a 1970’s feel, go all out in a silk, wide legged jumpsuit. With the punk trend make sure you get a leather all-in-one outfit for that battered bombshell look.


One Response to “Back to the future.”

  1. Sara and Emma January 17, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    “heavenly haute hippy look” <– oh LOVE that<3
    kisses from Sweden
    /Sara and Emma

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