Sequins Galore.

14 Dec

Bonjour blogarinis,

Sorry about my little leave of absence but snow + essay + no money = one sad little Chantal. However, as Take That would say I’m (btw is anybody else pissed off about Mark Owen being downgraded now that the glorified druggie who is Robbie Williams is back?) back for gooooodddd.

Now, I haven’t had a BIG shopping trip in ages and yes, I am extremely depressed about it but with a few random walks through town to get to the bus station or to buy important things like food and knitting needles I have managed to scour out a few barginous buys.

First up, its every girls best friend – no not diamonds but Primark of course. Unfortunately, everybodys favourite shop hasn’t pleased me very much over the last couple of months so I wasn’t expecting to come across anything amazing while wondering aimlessly through.

However, I soon spotted out with these quick-fire bargain hunting eyes the reduced rail. Now, usually nothing wonderful gets put on them unless you’re into net leggings or tunic tops (which nobody should ever be) so I didn’t expect to find anything of any worth but still you never know.

But oh boy, how wrong I was to dismiss the rail of wonderment. I soon spotted out the black crush velvet skirt i’ve been wanting to own for at least two months but could never bring myself to pay a whole £9 for it.


The price I hear you shout? – £3! I have no idea why it was put into the clearance bin as velvet is still at the top of the trends chart but then again people in Middlesbrough still think its acceptable to wear leggings so go figure. I’m unsure how to wear it though as I don’t want to look like an 8-year-old dressed as a witch on Halloween so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The next item in which I handed my student loan over for was this extra cute little dress…


Again, I’ve been wanting to buy this dress for a while but hell to the no was I going to pay a mammoth sized £11 for it! (£11?! – are they for real?!) so when I checked out that lovely little red pen mark and saw that they were selling it for a mere £2 (yes £2!) I had to buy it asap.

However, i’m not that sure whether it will look good on me or not, (as the skirt does look as though it will be rather unflattering on my juicy ass) so if it doesn’t I will use the material in the upper half to make some kind of cute crafty thing so it’s all good in the hood bizatches.

Another day, another dollar, well pound. I’ve complained about it before and I will complain about it again – my big head (even though its smaller then Bennys so he has an XL head) can never get itself into any of the nice hats I see in charity shops :(. I’ve been wanting a bowler hat since forever but I gave up on ever finding one so I just dreamed about them every night.

Then all of a sudden I had a brainwave! – go to a fancy dress shop and they should have some that might fit my big head. So off I toddled all the way over to the other side of town to Stiches. I stepped in and after having a little moment over all the sewing machines I searched out for the bowler hat that I craved.

And there it was, all the way at the top of the shop now obviously I’m not Andre the Giant so I couldn’t reach it but there was a step ladder which I naturally fell off and twisted my ankle a bit but thankfully I had managed to get the hat down before the accident happened.


The price for the hat of my fantasies? – £5. Yes, it’s a tad expensive for little ol’ me but I did need it so I wasn’t that hurt when handing over the note. I want to wear it every single day but I don’t want people to think i’m scruffy and have no other hats so I wear it about once a week. I managed to hunt out a leopard skin scarf out of my accessories box so I tied it around to turn the hat from blah to ta-da! – I think Cyndi would be proud.

Off I sauntered back into town via the time warp that is the Dundas Arcade, when these pretty green eyes spotted out an extraordinary sequined galore that that I had to have.



The only downside to the top is that it’s from Bon Marche – eugh, IKR? I might just rip the tag out and sew in a Topshop one to save me from the embarrassment incase anybody sees it.

So all in all, even though I haven’t had as much time/money/nice weather to go on the extravaganza shopping trips that I love I believe I have still managed to capture some good buys and when that student loan comes in on Januray the something ALL the shops in the Teesside area better be ready!


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  1. kelly December 20, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    love reading your articles

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