A girl can never have too many…

17 Nov

No not shoes or diamonds (well I would like diamonds) but in this case its fur coats and quirky bags.

Yes bizatches I’ve done it again, I Chantal Jade Taylor-Lauper-Phoenix have managed to hunt out and buy two wonderful vintage fantasy fur coats.

The first find was a beautiful sleek black coat and whenever I wear it I like to pretend I am either A) Padfoot (aka Sirius Black as a dog) or B) Moony (aka Professor Lupin as a werewolf) – either way I am a canine from Harry Potter.


I really need to get a mannequin to place my clothes on rather then the ladder – I think I may ask for one for Christmas ;).

Anyways, back to the coat. So B and I were going through the charity shops in Boro (yes I found this in Middlesbrough – now close your shocked jaw please) looking for some quirky birthday presents for Suze. We walked into *goes and checks google maps* Age Concern and my eyes – I think my eyes are trained in spotting out good things in charity shops, its kinda like a talent, I think I may go on BGT, I’m sure Piers would love it – soon darted to the furry marvel at the front of the shop.

I literally dragged it off within 2.5 seconds of seeing it, threw it on, walked around the shop searching for a mirror, gazed at my beautiful self and bought it – all within a minute.

The price? – £2o, IKR, ouch! – But come on have you seen the price River Island, Topshop and even Primark are charging for their EVERYBODY will soon be wearing coats – I would rather cuddle a fish with a mustache and I am terrified of fishes with mustaches then wear one of those run of the mill faux furs.

The next fantasy fur I found on my travels is this wondrous white creation…


When I wear this one I like to pretend i’m Gypsy – but she doesn’t like it and growls at me but then again she always growls at me so she might like it – I will probs walk into my room one day and she will be snuggled up in it pretending she is cuddling a nice boy westie – aaawwwww.

Back to the coat, I love this one, it reminds me of the 1960’s and Ric Flair (I don’t know how, but it does) so obviously I will be wearing it at every chance I get – well when it matches my outfit.

Now, the next coat I didn’t find in a charity shop nor did I find it recently, but I feel a need to share my marvelous military coat with you lovely readers.


With this coat I can sound like one of those arrogant toff girls and say “oh I bought it off portobello market darling.” Back in the summer of 2005, Dad and I popped down to London to celebrate my GCSEs (I don’t know why exactly they were crap) and my Godfather bought me this beautiful little number along with matching hat and trousers but for the life of me I have no idea where they have disappeared too :(.

The price of the 1954 authentic piece of army/navy/whatever it is memorabilia? – £25. Seriously though – why isn’t this my job yet?!

Onto the bags…

I say bags, I mean a basket, a suitcase and a backpack.

First up is my cute as a button basket, i’ve been wanting a basket since well since I first watched The Wizard of Oz at the age of 3 and finally I have stumbled across the perfect little woven wonder.


£5 - Christmas craft fair.

But silly ol’ me has only just realized that I can’t just throw my stuff in the basket and walk out of the house as people would be able to see all the various crap that I carry around with me so now I need to find a Cath Kidston-esque piece of material to cover up my belongings so that people can’t stare at my insulin.

Next bag buy was this fabulous little leather suitcase…


£2.95 - Teesside Hospice.

I’m not sure when and where I will use it but you know me I will probs turn up to uni one day using it with my whole life inside (wrestling figures and all.)

Last but not least is the bag that I never wanted until I saw it. Ever since I bought my bike, carrying a bag has been one of those major difficulties in life. I either had to only bring the absolute bare minimum so that the bag would fit in my basket or I would have to walk/get the bus/beg dad for a lift if I needed to bring a larger bag.

I soon had to admit to myself that I was going to have to face the inevitable and buy a backpack :(. The thing is though, I ALWAYS make fun of people who carry backpacks – its kinda like my thing – but now I had to face the consequences and get myself one.

I looked all over town and eBay to find a battered leather Sabrina-esque one but to my avail nothing came up and when they did they were £25+. I thought that if I can’t find a leather one, i’m going to have to go with khaki army bag – which would still be partly fashionable – much so rather then a Quicksilver/Nike etc one (god, I feel sick even thinking of these ones.)

I had one more look around the charity shops yano, just in case somebody had donated one within the last hour and to my absolute delight they only had.


99p - Mind.

My very own Gryffindor backpack – it serves all my bike riding needs and gives me that extra geekiness that I love.

So all in all, i’ve had yet another freakin great shopping week (plus that day from 2005) I only hope that all my charity shop shopping good luck doesn’t run out any time soon *yikes!*

2 Responses to “A girl can never have too many…”

  1. kelly November 17, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    really enjoyed this and loved the basket really cute

  2. cara -jade November 18, 2010 at 8:50 am #

    lolzers! you make me laugh your an absalute loon….how many fur coats have you got now???!!! where can you possibly keep them all?? i LOVE that jacket tho… and you of course 🙂 xxxxx

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