Charity Chic extraordinaire – Part 2.

11 Nov

Bonjour Blogarinis, I’m back with part 2 of my amazing charity chic week. After rummaging through the Charity shops in disappointing Darlington and the shock that was Middlesbrough my legs carried me (via the 36) to the ever magnificent town centre of Stockton-on-Tees.

Now, I hadn’t visited Stockton in a while due to: heavy bags which I could not be bothered to lumber around town, an episode of overwhelming sleepiness and it was raining cats and dogs (I wish this was literal.)

But this week I was determined to get myself down there and find some of this Autumn/Winters biggest fashion trends for a quarter of the price Primark has to offer and oh boy, I did.

The first shop I went into was a new Salvation Army one, I entered with excitement as it is HHUUUGGEEE but as soon as I walked over to the first rail and saw that they were selling a dogtooth, over worn, bobbled-a-plenty wiggle dress from Debenhams  for £15.99 – yes 15 pounds and 99p I walked out straight away in disgust! – I have no idea who they think they are trying to sell a dress that isn’t even worth £3 for that much! *GAH*

After that outrage I needed to get to my favourite and cheapest charity shop to find some good buys and more importantly chillax. I entered the B.C.E (best charity shop ever) and had a little chat with the woman behind the counter as we are practically BFF’s. Due to the fact that I am their most loyal customer and she kindly always holds nice things back for me whenever they come into the shop. This time she presented me with an item that I have been wanting for a while but couldn’t find a suitable enough one on the High Street – a tweed blazer!


My eyes widened with surprise and my heart beat fast with excitement. I asked how much moola she wanted for it and all she wanted was a mere 400 pennies. The only problem I have with this otherwise beautiful blazer is that it doesn’t have leather patches on the elbows. But I do have an old pleather skirt that I never wear as it makes too much noise so I’m going to cut it up and sew them onto the jacket – or at least attempt to.

I looked through the rest of the rails for some more barginous buys and I came across this cozy cardigan which I’m sure I seen an exact copy of in Topshop the other day…


But instead of paying out over £40 which Topshop would bound to price this cardi at I paid only £3. Me, awesome? – why yes I am.

And no i’m still not telling any of you where this fantabulous charity shop is – not even you Suze and B! – I will take it to the grave with me, maybe I will leave it in my will.

Next up was eerrmm the blue charity shop thats next door to the red one – yes that one. Now because it’s coming up to ‘the party season’ all the shops have their glittery, sequin adorned items together on one rail. Amongst the halter neck blue sequined monstrosities and out-of-date Quiz boob tubes I came across this oversized glittery T…


Now, it did cost me £3.50 which tbh is a bit OTT but I love me a bit of glitter. I could easily wear this both during the day with a pair of skinnies, ballet pumps and a leather jacket or at night I can wear it with the good ol’ black bodycon skirt and mega platforms.

While I was prancing over to the counter I spotted a rail of blouses. Now, Grazia magazine told me that I need to wear a ‘grown-up blouse’ this Autumn/Winter season and all these blouses were very grown up aka for pensioners – and you can’t get more grown up then an 80-year-old.

However, they all had shockingly deep V-necks which would basically show off my belly button. I moved all the slutty ones aside and then I came across this little cute cream number…



Surprisingly it has now become one of my wardrobe staples – well I say become, I’ve only worn it once and then I dropped noodles down the front so it is now adorned with a bit of aubergine plus the fact that the washing machine doesn’t work, means that I have to wait till everything gets sent off to the laundrette and that only happens once a month (if I’m lucky.) But as soon as it comes back without an orange stain I will be wearing it with a whole matter of different items of clothing from net skirts to leather shorts.

I mindlessly looked through the rest of the blouses incase anything else special enough to adorn my body popped up and then I came across this pretty darn fierce (literally) shirt…



Yes, you’re right it does look like it would fit a size 24 but in fact it is only a size 12, neither-less I do love it and quite unusually it does look a lot better on – there is nothing I like more then a bit of oversized vintagness.

After leaving the warm and cosy charity shops it was time to walk all the way down the bitterly cold Norton Road with sodden tights as the rain decided to flood my poor patent pumps to get to the wonderments that are Norton Village’s charity shops.

I stepped in to – no, I am not telling you – one of the three shops where they sell clothes etc at BOGOF! So for £6 I managed to buy all of these interesting (to put it politely) items…


yes it is for an adult - even though it looks like it would fit a doll.


how cute?


the hat, not the teddy bear.


who wouldn't want a pair of shorts with figs on them?

So all in all, I think you will agree that I have had an amazing charity chic week. All these items are defo at the top of autumn/winters hottest trends and many are wardrobe staples for years to come. Now all I need to do is hunt me out that perfect bowler hat!

UPDATE: After uni I popped into Teesside Hospice’s Chairty Chic Boutique (there are very few chic items and it certainly doesn’t look like a boutique) and I found this cute little tie-up floral shirt for 99p reduced from £1.99 – I will either wear it buttoned and tied up over a vest with a pair of skinnies or opened and flowing over a LBD.


Plus, I also found this quirky random bag which I think is pretty freakin’ sweet and it’s the perfect size, GET IN!



I really do deserve a medel for charity-shop shopping, oway Queen Elizabeth II sort it out!

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  1. kelly November 17, 2010 at 11:39 pm #

    another good read channy xx

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