Charity Chic extraordinaire – Part 1.

4 Nov

Oh boy, what an absolutely brilliant Charity Chic time i’ve had this week.

It all started with my seasonly trip to Darlington with the BFF’s, I was hoping that the Oxfam where I bought my fantasy fur coat last year would be stocked up with them seeing as its coming in to the Winter but to my dismay there were only rails of ratty pleather jackets. Perhaps on our next trip when it’s closer to Christmas they will – WELL THEY BETTER DO! – or Oxfam will have me to answer too, and when I get angry, I am worse than The Hulk (as in the Marvel character not Hogan.)

Anyways, the less said about my anger issues the better. So we waltzed through the bjillions of charity shops Darlington has to offer (almost as many as Stockton if you dare believe it) looking for a few choice items we needed/wanted.

In the first shop I came across two skirts that Cyndi would definitely do:



Yes, they are awfully loud but I’ve seen my fantasy mother wear these in the 80’s so I HAD to purchase them and the fact that they were only £1.99 makes them even better. But on second trying on at home, I think they may perhaps be a bit long since I love showing off my powerful thighs, so I think I will get the good ol’ trusty wonderweb out and hem them up by at least a foot.

Next up, we went to the captivating colour coded charity shop – yes we are geeks like that – now, this shop does have a fair amount of amazing clothes such as Max Mara crisp white shirts and Windsmoor hunting jackets but oh boy, they know how to price accordingly to the designers and I HATE that. So while looking through the rails of clothes where everything was priced over £10 my heart soon dropped when I realised I wouldn’t find anything half decent at a cheap price.

I wondered around aimlessly when I came across a furry hat which reminded me ever so much of my favourite childhood dalmatian hat. I went over to the all-kinds-of-amazing fur wonder half thinking “oh, it won’t fit my unusually large head – as hats never do fit my monstrosity of a skull” But to my happiness it fitted my big head perfectly, and although I can’t have my fringe whenever I wear it as I go blind, I still love it and for £3 you can’t really go wrong.


Please ignore my bong eye - I was tired.

I had another look around the shop incase there was anything I missed and came across this rather nifty navy inspired oversized cardigan.


Which I have now fallen in love with as its extra cosy and is a definite wardrobe staple for the rest of my life because we all know the nautical style never goes out of trend. However, I wore it the other day with a furry hat and my mam said to me “you look like a Russian prisoner” – which at first I took as a compliment as when I was a child, I wanted to be a Russian when I grew up (I was even weirder as a child then I am now) but she then added on “a fat Russian prisoner” – er thanks for that mam!

However, unfortunately that was the disappointing end of the treasure trove Darlington didn’t have to offer. I did spy my ideal Miss Elizabeth-esque wedding dress but didn’t bother buying it as I’m not getting married anytime soon. But before I jet off to Vegas with Suze and B as my beautiful bridesmaids we shall nip off to Scope and buy it!

My next stop charity shop trip was my humble home town of Middlesbrough. Now Middlesbrough’s charity shops never usually have anything worthy in them for me to give a good home too, so I popped into the YMCA (don’t sing along please) not expecting to find anything special. I looked through the racks of the usual size 24 Evans wraparound dresses and brown plastic cowboy boots and gave up on my search of finding a suitable Cyndi-esque dress. I sauntered over to the bag department (well, as much as a shelf can be a department) and there it was the perfect patchwork pensioner purse that I’ve been wanting for a while.


Awww who knocked Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair over? - I'm blaming Sting.

Plus, it is a total Mary Poppins bag which I can fit my whole life in and I have a lot of life to fit in to a bag – blood test machine, insulin, MASSIVE purse, make-up, deodorant, blackberry, ipod, notepad, pen, bike locks and all the other crap I pursue during the day. And for £1.99 you can’t go wrong considering I can never find suitable enough bags for all my shiz.

I also bought this bag (£1.99), as I liked it on first glance – but now I don’t AT ALL. I think I will pop it on eBay – people will buy anything of there if it says ‘vintage’ in the tittle.

Now, its time (it’s time, it’s Vader time) for the piece de resistance – i’ll let you guess: it’s one of winters hottest trends, Karl Pilkington hates riding on these (well not so much the item, but what it is named after) and errmmm it’s a coat.  Yes, you guessed correctly its the camel coat!


I came out of Frenzy and I was wondering whether to go into the 70’s hell that is The Dundas Arcade or go into Forbidden Planet to go look at wrestling figures when suddenly my eyes went to this beautiful wonder of the world in the charity shop opposite. I ran across as fast as my ballet slippered feet could take me, picked it up and proceeded straight to the counter and bought it for *drum roll please*….. £4.99! Amazing, yes?

In all my magazines that are piled up in the bathroom, every single one of them have double breasted camel coats inside and the cheapest ones start at £110!!! Plus, it isn’t as horribly tacky and brand new as the ones that are all over the High Street – I love me a bit of oversized vintageness.

But now my loyal readers I must love you and leave you as I need to get to sleep asap. As you can see this is only Part 1 of my charity chic extraordinaire week so keep tuned and prepared to be amazed by even more of my fabulous and fierce (literally) buys.

2 Responses to “Charity Chic extraordinaire – Part 1.”

  1. kelly November 5, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    very good channy enjoyed reading this and looking at the things you bought

    • Dave Taylor February 22, 2011 at 1:27 pm #


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