Booty Luv.

24 Oct

Asin my love for car boots not the shit band who appear in Middlesbrough like every week.

So if you know me at all, you will know that i’ve been wanting/needing a bike ever since I got back from Italy. I trawled through the Evening Gazette every night and searched non-stop on eBay throughout the day but to my dismay I never came across anything worthy.

Then a beautiful bike appeared before me on eBay which I had my dad furiously bid on (I was in a lesson) up until the last minute but in the end it went for £72 and I wasn’t paying more then £55 for it.

My papa suggested that we go off to Redcar car boot sale on Sunday and of course I agreed because you know I love my bargains but I thought to myself “why would they have bikes there – but hey, I can pick up some new wrestling figures.”

Off we went in the FREEZING cold and would you believe it, the second stall in had almost the exact bike that I had been longing for ever since coming back of my holiday.


please excuse the mess in my dining room.

Albeit it hasn’t got the basket that I NEED but i’m off to Halfords this week and will be purchasing a wicker one so I can put pretty things like flowers and Gypsy inside.

The price I hear you ask? – £24! Some people spend double that on a night out and what do I get for it? – a cool-ass bike. Go me!

Now all it needs is a name – can anybody think of a good one? remember though it has to be Harry Potter or wrestling related.

After buying my hella cute bicycle, I attempted to go on a hunt for some clothes but the temperature was like -100 so I went to the nearest clothes rail and had a quick peek through it when I came across something I’ve been wanting for a while… a tuxedo-esque blazer and to my omg-ness it was velvet! and anybody who knows me will tell you that I love velvet (both Sky and the material.)


it looks a lot better on btw.

I went to ask the woman how much it was with my dads warning of “don’t get it if its over £2” ringing in my ear when to both my surprise and delight it would cost a mere 50p!!!  She then went on to tell me that I could either pay 50p for it or get 3 for a £1, at this time my face was like :O – literally.

I went back through the rail and picked out a green velvet dress, which is perhaps a bit too long since I like to show off my legs but I’m going to take it up next week at dressmaking. I also picked out a red and white checked shirt which I thought did say a size 10 but in the daylight it was actually an obese size 18 but i’m guessing under a jumper with a skinny belt wrapped around it will look okay.

Go on then, work it out, I picked up an amazing velvet tux jacket for 33p! – yes 30 frickn 3 pence!! – bargain of the week, even more so then those Topshop shoes.

So all in all I had a (puts on Larry David voice) pretty, pretty, pretty good time at the car booty – well except the nearly freezing to death part.


One Response to “Booty Luv.”

  1. Bianca November 1, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    it’s because Redcar is awesome lol 😉 i lovee your bike x

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