misprice much?

23 Oct

So today I went in to Topshop thinking “the new sale won’t offer me anything good – I will have to wait at least month before I even start looking for some good bargains” but oh boy, oh how wrong I was.

Walking towards the back (or front – depends what way you walk in) to ‘the sale’ my BFF’s and I went via the shoe department. My eyes were soon drawn to a pair of black velvet-esque wedges with an unbelievable heel on them which I adored but this girl ain’t going to pay £40 for a pair of shoes – oh noooo.

On a separate little shelf were some other pairs of shoes which had been there since the last sale as I recall the white clogs which I did want a long time ago when I was in ‘that clog stage’ but gave up on as they were a bit too tacky. All the shoes were £5 but TBH even if I had no shoes at all in the world and somebody gave me a £5 Topshop Shoes voucher I would be like “I don’t want your voucher, I would rather go bare foot and capture glass in my feet – thank you.”

But then my eyes came across these…


I could not believe it at all! On the website they are still priced as £70, yes seventy fricken pounds! Real leather too ;).

My BFF sourced out a delicious pair of nudish heels (which are not to be found anywhere on the website) but when she asked the Saleswoman for the other shoe, the Topshop lady declared “the other shoe is a completely different colour” – she went off to get our shoes friend which left me thinking “hmmm maybe the other shoe is missing a heel or a size 2 because why would these only be £5?”

Miss Topshop woman came back and to my BFF’s dismay the other shoe was a completely different colour – they should just throw them in the bin rather then misleading people. But to my still utter confusion there was still nothing wrong with my shoes.

I toddled off to the counter and my heart stopped when I saw a sticker price on the box saying £40, I was ready to start a bit of an argument saying “eerrr why do the only say £5 then?!” (mongish like that as well) when to my still utter amazment they rang through the till as £5. The Topshop lady was as shocked as I am and for a minute I thought she wasn’t going to let me have them and tell me to get out the store.

But nop, everything went smoothly – with a few shocked faces and words thrown in – I handed over my £5 note and walked out the shop with a new amazing pair of shoes for like the most barginous item Topshop most of ever EVER sold.

If anybody else comes across these in another store for this price or simply knows why they were this cheap please let me know.


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