Lemony Snicket.

10 Oct

In today’s cake baking tutorial I will try and teach how to turn these uninspiring ingredients…


Into the yummiest succulent Sicilian lemon loaf cake…



  • 115g soft margarine
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 big tablespoons of lemon curd
  • 130g self raising flour
  • Yellow food colouring
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 teaspoons white cane sugar
  • Sprinkles to decorate

Take the carborific 115g amount of Stork and pop it in microwave for 10 seconds to make sure it’s all soft and easy to mix (do not take it straight out of the fridge – BIG MISTAKE.)


To your mess of margarine add 100g of castor sugar…


Mix the ingredients until light and fluffy. You will end up with what essentially is butter cream frosting – but don’t eat it at this point.


Add two eggs – awww look at the happy eggy chickens..


Ask an adult helper to crack the eggs into the bowl because if you’re anything like me there will undoubtedly be some shell in there.

Also add in half of the flour (65g) and blend it all together!


Add in the rest of the flour and two HUGE tablespoons of lemon curd.


Drop in a few dashes of yellow food colouring to get that lemony yellowness and mix it all in.


You should end up with yummy mixture like this…


Pop it into a greased loaf tin and don’t forget to lick the bowl!

Place the tin in the middle shelf on gas mark 4 for 50 minutes (yes I know it’s a really long time, but oh boy, it’s worth it)


While the liquid is turning into a solid – see I did listen in Science at school – it’s time to make lemon topping syrup.

Slice a lemon in half and use a lemon juicer/grinder /squeezer (I have totally forgotten what they are called) and get out all that yummy albeit bitter juice.


To the juice add 2 teaspoons of sugar (which helps the medicine go down) and stir it round and round until the sugar has been dissolved in to the juice.


Test your cake by inserting a cocktail stick inside and if it comes up clear ITS TIME!

Take out the oven and brush immediately with the lemon topping sugar.


Throw some sprinkles on top to make it prettier because we all need a pretty cake in our lives.


Then tuck in and enjoy with a good ol’ cup of tea.

If you do have a go of making this lemon cake, please leave a comment on how it went for you and a picture.

One Response to “Lemony Snicket.”

  1. Tracey MAMMA Porritt at 10:13 am #

    Mama mia this cake is almost as scrumptious as you,love the pics but will have to book myself in for the real live cook in version,so i can see your true colours shining through……and thats why i love you x

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