Autumn/Winter wardrobe – DONE.

5 Oct

With uni starting up again this week I thought I should spend my last totally free weekend going on an absolute shopping binge. Off I popped into town with my trusty shopping list that I wrote in shorthand for some unknown reason so naturally I went into a bit of a crazed frenzy in Primark trying to read back what F and R followed by a S T F meant.

After a few minutes standing there in the middle of everybodys way I realised it meant fur stuff – i’m great with words ain’t I? I scurried off to the back of the store where all the jems are hidden in order to find some furry items to place upon my head.

I looked around in circles for what felt like forever looking for the fur headbands I saw last week. I turned round the corner of one of the display stands for what must of been the 20th time when I saw a shop person/worker thing (I have completely forgotten their job tittle) stocking up countless numbers of the furry headbands I desired.

They were a bargionous £3 each as opposed to the disgusting price of £12 ASOS are trying to sell them for. Oh and I also bought some furry earmuffs which are strangely a bit big for my head and I have an unusually HUGE head so I don’t know who they are trying to sell them too – Hagrid perhaps?

Now lets all look at Chantal the teddy bear moddeling them – smize baby!




Unfortunately, the fur headband has received mixed reviews. When I wore one, not one but two people complimented me on it which I secretly loved as I never get compliments but I should as I am all kinds of amazing. But my boyfriend just makes fun of me and calls me The Barbarian. Grrrrrr.

Anyways, after leaving Primark with more then what I originally went in for – this ALWAYS happens – I went on the hunt for some new winter jackets. The first was the good ol’ trusty parka – perfect for that grunge look I have seemed to picked up over the summer and the days where your trophey jackets simply just don’t go with your outfit.

This one was £34.99 from H&M and yes I know Primark do sell parkas for £25 but the quality of them is very poor and they are not as fitted so I thought meh its only an extra £10 for an item that can stay in my life for a few good years rather then one winter.


Now, you know me I’m not one of those people who purposefully follow fashion – I much prefer to create my own. Yes I will follow the trends of course but in my own special way rather than the fashion victims you see trying to walk around town in those god awful trainer heels high street shops seem to think look good.

But this season it’s all change on board – as soon as the catwalks were adorned with Avaitor jackets I knew I needed one for this autumn/winter.

When I was just a little girl every time the weather outside got a bit chilly my dad pulled his fabulous patched up battered leather aviator jacket out from the attic and wore it all the time (except those times I used to walk around the house in it when he wasn’t there – shush) so my love for the aviator stemmed from my childhood. Naturally when they started to appear in the shops I got a bit excited to relive my 4-year-old days of pretending to ride a helicopter.

However, even though you think they will appear in every single shop on the high street the fashion mags won’t shut the hell up about them they are extremely difficult to find at a nice and reasonable price. I eventually had to get a bus AAALLLLLL the way up to Matalan in order to buy one that I actually liked and didn’t mind paying £35 for.


However, I am not in love with it yet. The pleather is a bit new and shiny for a scruffy-chic girl like me so I’m going to have to rough it up a bit courtesy of a cheese grater, a sandpit in Albert Park and a good ol’ kicking about.

Next up on the list were a pair of thigh high boots. I went to yano that shop thats erm there, yep that one – thats where I went. I tried on both the pleather and suede pair and was tottaly indecivsive about which ones to buy – I liked the leather ones as they looked classical and fit really well but then I thought I can’t wear a leather skirt with leather thigh high boots as I am not a biker.

With the suede pair I thought they were a bit more current and would look better with my clothes but then I remebered Layla – a WWE diva who I hate – always wears a pair of suede thigh high boots, but then again hers have a heel on and if theres anything that I hate more then John Cena himself its boots that have a heel – they make me embaraased and I feel a bit sick inside (shoe boots are let off though.)

In the end I went with the suede pair for the simple factor that they were £5 cheaper at £25. But if anybody fancies buying me a present because I’m awesome I’m a size 6 – thank you.


Other shoes I bought on my shopping adventure were a pair of fur lined clogs for a next to nothing £10 from New Look.


I also finally replaced my lovingly battered Topshop ballet slippers and brown brogues. The brogues were originally £16 but Peacocks were offering a 20% student discount so I got them for the barginous price of £12.80 – WWWYKI.


I then proceeded to wonder round aimlessly in River Island being outraged at the price of scarves, hats and whatnots that fit into that category when I stumbled across my one of my favourite sections of shops – the damaged goods! In amongst the chiffon dresses with unreparable rips in and white low neck tops that some slag has left fake tan all over I spotted these pair of gloves reduced from £10 (IKR? £10 for a pair of gloves) down to £2.50.


The reason why the 75% discount – one of the poor glove/mitten hybrids is missing its ears! Awwwww, I felt instantly sorry for the little deaf glove, like those dogs on the adverts (oh god i’m tearing up) who nobody will give a home too. But because I love animals of any form (real and glove wise) they needed to have a good home in my accessories trunk.

Oh and I also bought this Gwarp sized shabby-chic carpet bag which my whole life and Gypsy can fit into.


So in the words of Gordon Ramsey: Autmn/Winter wardorbe: DONE – well until I fall in love with a cosy granddad jumper and a pair of ankle boots next week.

2 Responses to “Autumn/Winter wardrobe – DONE.”

  1. Becky October 6, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    Haha! those boots took me a while to figure out…thought that they were chaps and the whole world had gone mad! xoxo

  2. Tracey MAMMA Porritt October 11, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    OOOH i spent three weeks searching for a furry headband to no avail :(imagine how bad i felt (cos it was cara Jade who desired it and i said id get it and i blatantly didnt,and in the end im on first name terms with girl in new look,still with no point,AND i would of paid anything in the end, to get one.BUt cos i love you im so glad youve got MORE THAN ONE

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